Saturday, July 15, 2006

Albanian studies and regional

The Kosovar media report on the annual International Seminar on the Albanian Language, Literature and Culture - funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the Ministry of Culture and the University of Prishtina - to be held in Prishtina from 14 to 25 August, with participants coming from Canada, to USA, to Russia and Mongolia. Among other events there will be Albanian language classes offered for three levels. Much laudation in the Albanian and Kosovar media for the performance of the play "Ifigenia in Tauris" by the State Theater of
North Greece from Thessaloniki (directed by George Michalides) in the International Ancient Drama Festival in the ancient city of Butrint in Albania.

Daily Iliria Post brings an outline of the biography of the recently deceased Albanian post-cubist painter Ibrahim Kodra. Kodra lived mostly in Milano, and his opus includes some 6,000 pieces of art. He was widely admired not only among Albanians and Italians for his modern abstractionist art, but throughout Europe and worlwide. Another story tells about the young Albanian-American model Alma Ajazi and her promising career.

The Department of Sports has awarded Kosovar Agim Agushi for his entry in the Guinness book of Records for heading a soccer ball while sitting. He has other records and hopes to have more entries in the Guinness book (Ekspress). His other records are:
walking while heading a soccer ball (15.356 km [9 mi 857 yd]);
running up and down stairs while heading a soccer ball (1920 steps walking upstairs,1860 steps walking downstairs);
heading a soccer ball, doubles passing (11111 in 3:55:20 hrs, together with Bujar Ajeti);
heading a soccer ball in a sitting position (4:02:01 hours).
While we are at sports, soon after Albania hired Croatian Otto Baric to coach the Albanian national soccer team, Croatia fired its national team coach Zlatko Kranjcar. Kranjčar had taken the helm during the preparation for the UEFA EURO 2004™ campaign that ended in disappointment at the group stage, succeeding the veteran Otto Barić.

A Kosovar student graduates from the Faculty of Applied Sciences in Mitrovica with a robot that he built himself. Jakup Berisha, now a Bachelor of Science, hopes to work further on his model. He says the robot could be used in the future for purposes such as demining mine fields (Ekspress).

The President of Kosova, Fatmir Sejdiu after returning from New York declares: ‘I can say that among all interlocutors prevails the belief that Kosovo independence is a realistic and a possible option and certainly I can also say that they have an enormous esteem for the actions we have taken in the Vienna process, but also for general developments since after the war in 1999 in Kosovo’, adding that Kosovars’ stance for independence wasn’t opposed by the Ambassadors at UNSC, but, Kosovars have to work more for achieving it. While the Macedonian parties are still working on a coalition and elections will be repeated in some areas.

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