Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Let's hope these six won't die!

The trial of the six former Serbian/Yugoslav leaders responsible for ethnic cleansing in Kosova, is a second chance to provide some justice for the victims after Milosevic died in his cell. There is enough evidence now, especially after the marathonic trial of Milosevic, for the judges to make their decision. And, they all seem to be in good health. Let's only hope they don't die during their trial!

Bosnians remember Srebrenica, which requires no further comment!

Macedonia is getting a new government and good news keep streaming from Albania which is continuing its crackdown on organized crime with great results. And, all those young people will finally be able to get some sleep after they leave Exit.

A piece of news from Kosova that does't usually make it as "news" in this information superhighway: the
government shares 50.000 euro for minority media.

Tribunal focuses on Serbia's Kosovo war

The New York Times TUESDAY, JULY 11, 2006 PARIS Four months after the death of Slobodan Milosevic, a trial has opened of six of his top aides, a process that may finally render a verdict on Serbia's actions d...

Profile: Kosovo trial accused


Macedonian election winners seek to build coalition

With 44 parliamentary seats, VMRO-DPMNE must put together a coalition in order to take power in Macedonia. According to a party spokesman, a preliminary deal has been reached.

Sixth EXIT festival held in Serbia

For four days, the otherwise tranquil Petrovaradin fortress was home to bands, DJs, and more than 100,000 sleep-deprived young people.


Albania arrests eight alleged drug traffickers in joint action with Italy, Turkey

Eight suspected drug traffickers have been arrested in Albania following a joint operation conducted with Italy and Turkey, officials in Tirana announced on Friday.

BiH remembers Srebrenica victims

Thousands of people lined the streets of BIH's capital on Saturday to see a convoy carrying the remains of 505 people murdered in Srebrenica in 1995.

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