Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We speak Albanian!

This picture shows a sign in Montenegro, written in the Albanian language, to advertise rooms, aimed at Kosovars. However the writer, who apparently speaks some Albanian, is not familiar with the spelling of the word "room" in Albanian. Instead of "dhoma" ("dh" being the equivalent of "th" in "that"), he or she wrote "loma" which in Albanian can mean "dirt" or "dirtbag (a person)." We commend them for the initiative though!

However, recently there have been some disturbing media reports about Kosovar citizens being arrested by Montenegrin police, for no apparent reason. Montenegro is a primary tourist destination for Kosovars during the summer. Few of the have been arrested - some coming from other European countries like Germany or Norway - and face extradition to Serbian police, apparently based on Serbian arrest warrants, usually issued during the Milosevic regime. This is causing concern among possible vacationers.

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