Tuesday, August 08, 2006

No agreement between Kosovars and Serbs

Still no agreement between Kosovars and Serbs, as Kosova Serb leader Ivanović says Kosova Serbs are not represented properly in Vienna.

Rehn - Croatia to enter EU in 2010, rest of Balkans with midterm
Makfax - 20 hours ago
Croatia might join EU by 2010, while other Western Balkan's countries have concrete midterm membership perspectives, upon meeting the requirements. This is the message sent by the EU Enlargement Commissioner ...

Membership brinkmanship in the Balkans
cafebabel.com - Aug 1, 2006
For years, we promised to accept the Balkan states’ bid to enter the EU. As politicians slow down the integration process, the region is further destabilised. On the bumpy road to Europe? EU enlargement ...

Bulgaria set to introduce free visas for Macedonia citizens
Makfax - 2 hours ago
Macedonian citizens will be issued free-of-charge visas required for entering Bulgaria, said Bulgarian Ambassador to Macedonia Miho Mihov, Bgnes Agency reported. Speaking at the ceremony on the occasion of ...

A corner of Croatia becomes 'new Tuscany
Guardian Unlimited - 17 hours ago
Half-way through her first month as the proud new owner of a place in the sun, Debbie Grieve is planning her little patch of paradise. "This bit here will be planted with olives and lemon trees," she says, pointing ...

Albania’s PM Offering One Square Meter of Land for USD 1
Focus News - 3 hours ago
Tirana. Albania’s Prime Minister Sali Berisha called on the members of the National Albanian-US Council to invest in Albania promising to sell them land for one US dollar per square meter, Macedonian newspaper Dnevnik reads today. ...

Globe and Mail
Sofia Echo - 3 hours ago
The online version of The Independent reports on the 5000-year-old golden dagger found in a Thracian tomb in Bulgaria. According to the head of the Bulgarian National Museum of History Bozhidar Dimitrov the ...

Below are some links about the Prishtina Summer University that was held recently in Prishtina:
Listen to this radio B92 program (17MB) to learn more about Pristina Summer University 2006.


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