Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What associates with the Balkans?!

I did a tag search in Technorati and this is what I found:

If you search for Balkan (without the "s") you will find that Serbia, Greece, Germany, Xenophobia and Communism are related to it. This may be telling, but mainly, it is disappointing. We would want words other than Xenophobia to be related to Balkan. And we definitely don't want the word communism to be related to it. While, we can't do anything about communism now, we sure can do something about xenophobia!


In the news today:

BBC News
Kosovo negotiations again fail to reach agreement in Vienna
Monsters and Critics.com - 6 hours ago
Vienna - The eighth round of negotiations on the future of Kosovo held in Vienna finished without agreement, reports said Wednesday. Minority rights remained an unresolved issue at the negotiations which went ...

Albania hopes to be accepted into NATO in 2008
terrelibere.org - 3 hours ago
Albania hopes for an invitation to enter NATO in 2008 at a scheduled summit to set out the alliance's expansion plans, Defense Minister Fatmir Mediu said Monday. During a talk with NATO's top commander, US Gen. ...

Sofia Echo - 6 hours ago
Bulgaria has doubled the utilization of funds granted by the World Bank (WB), Focus news agency reported. By the end of July 2006 the fund utilisation reached 31.2 per cent. This exceeds twice the fund utilisation ...



Bg anon said...

I noticed both balkan and balkans at technocrati too.

On a related topic balkan, former Yug, Serbian film - you might want to take a look at the Belgrade Blog. I'd be interested if you agree with me or not.


bytycci said...

well, I guess we can conclude that what people write on blogs is related with what people produce in the movie industry. and all that comes from what really happened in the balkans. what this means is that we have a lot of work to do.


Seesaw said...

Only one sentence re Balkan(s), tags and Communism being one of the tags. History remains as history, no matter what we try to do with it, and Communism - that is one period in Balkan history (Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, SFR Yugoslavia were Communist countries - on Balkan(s), that is so and can not be denied, can it?