Friday, October 27, 2006

Compromise imposed solution

The best idiom I have heard in a while: Compromise imposed solution.

Below is a spate of articles on Kosovo and the referendum in Serbia. They raise a lot of questions: Is Kosovo going to be a "frozen conflict"? What if the status is delayed? / Home UK / UK - Kosovo falls hostage to big power rivalry: "Frank Wisner, the special US envoy, is expected to urge Belgrade to prevent any such breakaway move. Diplomats say his mission is to tell ­Kosovo and Serbia that they must accept Mr Ahtisaari’s “compromise imposed solution”."

Serbia's delaying tactics

Remember Kosovo

Diplomats plan Mission for Independent Kosovo

Another high noon of Balkan

Kosovo: Macedonia says Serbia must be ready to ‘swallow’ independence

Kosovo Serbs see constitution referendum crucial for their future in the province

Serbia Votes in Referendum on Kosovo

Serbia's young liberal rides against all ahead of weekend constitution vote

Serbia's draft constitution less democratic

Serbs vote on Kosovo's future

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