Sunday, October 29, 2006

Killing the bogeymen

The bogeyman called "Radicals will come to power if Kosovo becomes independent" is dead.

Serbia flirts with crisis as referendum falters | International News |
"But some analysts on Sunday said failure of the constitution could expose the nationalist threat as an empty one.

'Times are changing. Milosevic could use Kosovo to call the masses to the polls,' said CESID's Zoran Lucic. 'But if this referendum fails, it would show that Serbia's political elite used the wrong arguments and underestimated the electorate.'"


WARchild said...

According to a CeSID poll last week only 10% of the electorate would vote the constitution because of Kosovo. So why the constitution seems to have passed, Kosovo was a secondary motivator.

bytycci said...

I agree, Kosovo was not the first motivator. However, Kosovo was the main issue for the writers of the constitution.