Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Albanian day

Today is the Albanian Flag day. All Albanians celebrate this day which is significant for many reasons. The most important is the declaration of Albanian Independence on 28th November 1912. Also it is the day when George Kastrioti - Scanderbeg returned to Kruja and started the revolt against the Ottoman Empire in 1444. The day when the Kosova Liberation Army first appeared in public (1997). And, the birthday of the hero of the Kosova war Adem Jashari.

So, Happy Flag day to all Albanians!


From a ceremony in Tirana

Ceremony in Tirana

The new statue of George Kastrioti - Scanderbeg in Skopje


Kosovo Albanian protest leader Albin Kurti addresses the crowd during a protest in the Kosovo capital Pristina against the United Nations-led process to decide the fate of the breakaway province November 28, 2006. On the right is a statue of Albanian national hero Skanderbeg. REUTERS/Hazir Reka

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