Friday, November 03, 2006

Kidman adopts Kosovo child?!

Holy moly? Is that going to help Kosovo get independence?!!

Nicole Kidman is said to plan to adopt a third child after her charity trip to Kosovo.As Fametastic notes, Nicole wants to extend her family and have a child or adopt one with new husband Keith Urban.Nicole reportedly got broody during a recent trip to Kosovo which she made as part of her role as an ambassador for children’s charity UNICEF and she began to explore the possibilities of adopting a child from the previously war-torn area.“Nicole has been very open about her desire for another child. It looks like another adoption is not out of the question”, revealed a close source.The Australian actress adopted two children Isabella and Connor while married to ex-husband Tom Cruise.

Kidman to adopt a third child

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kastriot fadilaj said...

I'm a twenty something year old motherless child from Kosova and would love to be adopted by Nicole Kidman. :-)

bytycci said...