Monday, November 27, 2006

Kosovar refugees in USA

"...They pulled another guy and my dad off the bus and I started crying. But my dad had a Serbian friend there. He told us to walk back and we did. Right back on the bus. But when they first took my dad off the bus I started thinking about the concentration camps. Thank goodness they let us go.”

Then we ended up in a United Nations camp in Macedonia.The family spent two months in U.N. camps, getting shuttled all over Kosovo.“They moved us around from camp to camp while dad and my uncles figured out how to get out,” said Faton. “We needed to get away from what was going on. Finally they started letting people go to different countries and dad was able to get us into the United States.”

The first place they stopped, and have stayed ever since, was Palmyra. Finding a home

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