Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Preserving the heritage

Helping to reconstruct the Balkans

The Council of Europe heads a programme to rebuild damaged Serbian Orthodox Churches in Kosovo which will also aim to ease ethnic tensions. And there's support for expanding the political culture in Belgrade

EuroNews : Helping to reconstruct the Balkans

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Bertan Selim said...

Following the Council of Europe, the European Union will have to redefine its integration software when it comes to the Balkans. A cultural chapter will have to be put in place within the Aquis. It is very necessary for this cultural chapter to complement and in many cases facilitate the political processes of Balkan states harmonization with EU values standards and rules.

Thank you for keeping up your blog, its great for finding information on the region. Great initiative.

Bertan Selim

bytycci said...

I agree with you on that.

And, thanks for the kind words. I was glad to see your blog, too. And will put a link in my blogroll. (I noticed the lack of a blogroll in your blog).