Thursday, November 23, 2006

This is the European Parliament!

The Kosova daily newspapers report on the visit of the Serbian MP's to the European Parliament.

Euro-parliamentarians terrified with language Serbs use for Kosovo (Dailies)

The German member of the European Parliament Doris Pack reacted against the speech of a Serb official saying that she is terrified to hear such a language of hate against the Albanians and such a distortion of historical facts, writes Zëri on the front page.

Koha Ditore reports that some members of the Serbian Assembly who paid a visit to European Parliament found out that the language they use about Kosovo is unacceptable not only to the majority population in Kosovo, but also to the civilized Europe. Koha Ditore reports that the European Parliamentarians have called on their Serb colleagues to realize that Kosovo will be independent. “We are not allowing such a language here, this is the European Parliament. What jihad in Kosovo are you talking about? There are Muslims and Catholics among Albanians and do not forget that. In Kosovo there has been apartheid against Albanians and tortures by the Milosevic’s regime, I myself have seen tortured youngsters and you should not forget this either,” Pack said according to the paper. The entire Europe is realizing that Kosovo is becoming independent; it is just you Serbs and Serbia that do not get it. This is what the European Parliament members told Serbian MPs, writes Express.

Kosova Sot carries an editorial on the front page under the headline Another slap for Serbs. European Parliamentarians taught Serbian counterparts a lesson and told them that all roads lead to Kosovo’s independence. Some other papers write along the lines that no one is going to buy Serbian lies any longer and that the Serbian Members of the Assembly were advised to deal with their own issues as they have lost Kosovo quite some while ago.

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