Friday, December 22, 2006

CIA predictec breakup of Yugoslavia

Kosovo solution hard to reach, Serwer says
B92 - 5 hours ago
WASHINGTON, PRIŠTINA -- Lack of Russian support and consensus within the EU will make the Kosovo solution difficult, Daniel Serwer believes.

Macedonia wants quick solution on Kosovo's status
Makfax - 5 hours ago
"We want the solution on the final status to be reached as soon as possible. Quick solution does not necessarily mean a non-quality solution, however it would be good to bring the whole process to the end.

Human trafficking in the Balkans at 120,000 a year
World Peace Herald - 40 minutes ago
By United Press International | Published Today | Europe , Human Rights | Unrated. By UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL. BELGRADE, Serbia -- Serbia plans a media campaign to increase awareness of the trafficking of ...

DiCarlo says elections crucial for Albania's NATO membership
Makfax - 6 hours ago
The local elections in Albania will be very important not only for the development of the democratic processes but also for the country's NATO membership bid, US official said.

Austin American-Statesman (subscription)
Declassified report shows how US intelligence predicted ...
International Herald Tribune - 7 hours ago
AP. UNDATED: US intelligence predicted the violent breakup of the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s with pinpoint precision, but also assessed that the United States and its European allies would do nothing to ...

Nationwide Wi-Fi a Success in Macedonia
Wi-Fi Planet - 5 hours ago
By Naomi Graychase. What began as an attempt to get more computers (and Internet access) into schools in Macedonia, has become, through the unlikely pairing of American dollars and Chinese computers, a successful ...
Serbia arrests Customs fraud ring members
Monsters and - 5 hours ago
BELGRADE, Serbia (UPI) -- Serbian police arrested 15 Customs officials on suspicion of being linked to a smuggling ring that robbed the state of $6.6 million.

Romania Decides on EU Labour Counter-Measures in 2007
Sofia News Agency - 6 hours ago
Bulgaria: Romania's government will announce in the next several months whether the country would impose counter-measures to the EU block on Romanian or Bulgarian migrant workers.

MRT online
Turkey 'committed' to EU bid
News24 - 4 hours ago
Ankara - Turkey remained committed in its bid to join the European Union despite a partial freeze of its troubled membership talks over a trade dispute with Cyprus, said Turkish foreign minister Abdullah Gul on Friday.

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