Monday, December 18, 2006

FiloFest Slovenia

THE FESTIVAL BROUGHT TO A SUCCESSFUL END, THE WINNERS ANNOUNCED!, published: 15.12.2006The awards of the first Filofest were handed out. The award for best film chosen by the audience was given to the Slovene film 'Perfect', directed by Alen Pavšar and Robert Mastnak. Members of the jury awarded the film 'Tatita', made by Tatita team from Kosovo, for best directing. The Spanish film 'Amor Sanjuan', directed by Luis Misis Herrero, received the award for best screenplay and the Slovene film 'Perfect' received the best performance award. Members of the jury gave special recognition to: '?Orque', 'Hallucii', 'What Do We Need This For' and 'Behind Closed Minds'. The winning video of the video workshop was shot and edited by Agata Rosochacka, the director of the film 'Reflections'. This marks the end of Filofest 2006. We sincerely thank everyone who participated and congratulate to all the winners. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

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