Saturday, December 23, 2006

The holiday spirit

It seems that Kosovars manage to get into the holiday spirit even though they don't know for sure what the future holds for them. In fact, the holiday season this year is very interesting. As some of you might know, Kosova has two Christmasses: one is the Western Christmass celebrated by Catholic and Protestant Albanians (and virtually all other types of Albanians in a secular way); the other is the Eastern Orthodox Christmass, celebrated by Kosova Serbs. Both of these are official holidays. Then there is the New Year's Day, probably the most important and the most celebrated holiday in Kosova, given the secular character of its society. This year however, all these holidays are joined by the Muslim holiday of Kurban Bajram celebrated by Kosova Muslims, Albanian and Slav (also celebrated by all other types of Albanians in a secular way).

Kosova is one of the most diverse places in Europe. All these holidays are celebrated in with a communal spirit. The traditional celebrations very interesting, because they are imbued with pre-Christian traditions as old as Albanians themselves. Western Christmass and New Year's especially exhibit these traditions. Some of the most exciting holidays combine pagan, Western Christian, Eastern Orthodox and (Sufi) Muslim traditions in a beautyful day. One such holiday is St. Georges day, known as ShenGjergji.

The modern way of celebrating all the above-mentioned holidays is equally exciting. As you may have already guessed, it involves a lot of drinking, music and partying. Hotels, Restaurants, and bars are full of young people. The way in which all holidays are celebrated by all people regardless of religious background (Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Secular, Atheist) has many implications such as the traditoin inter-religious tolerance. However, I would like to point out just one: Kosovars just wanna have fun!


A Kosovo child waves a U.S. flag after he received Christmas presents from U.S. Marine Corps in Djakovica, 100 km (60 miles) west of capital Pristina, December 23, 2006. REUTERS/Hazir Reka

Sejdiu: Kosovo close to status resolution
B92 - 3 hours ago
There are only a few months to go until we reach the status solution”, Sejdiu said at a gathering marking the 17th anniversary of the establishment of the Democratic Alliance of Kosovo, a party he heads. Sejdiu repeated that Kosovo was determined to ...

Ruecker: Timely solution for Kosovo
B92 - 7 hours ago
Asked whether the international community has a precisely defined deadline when it came to determining Kosovo’s status, Ambassador Ruecker told Večernje Novosti that he was convinced Kosovo solution would be reached “at the right time”.

Robust Rule of Law Crucial in Balkans
Institute for War and Peace Reporting - 22 hours ago
The president of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia this week told the UN Security Council that strengthening the rule of law in the Balkans is crucial ahead of the ICTY’s closure in 2009. With local courts in Bosnia, ...

Serbia Evangelical Church Fire-Bombed Amid Reports of Revival in ...
BosNewsLife (subscription) - Dec 22, 2006
It comes amid signs of a growing interest in Christianity, including among Gypsies, who prefer to be known as Roma, the most impoverished group in Serbia and elsewhere in the Balkans. In a statement, the international Christian broadcaster Trans World ...
Tonight Albania decides the entry for Helsinki - 18 hours ago
The second song of Eurovision Song Contest 2007 will be selected tonight in Tirana, Albania. 31 songs have been performed in the two semifinals and tonight at 21:00 we'll know the 16 qualifiers who will compete in final.

A Reluctant Bulgaria pays for EU Entry by Closing Nuclear Reactors
Sofia News Agency - 2 hours ago
Bulgaria is the chief supplier of electricity to the Balkan states. Based on 1992 studies conducted by the G7 group of industrialized nations, the EU believes that reactors of this type (VVER 440-230) cannot be modernized at a reasonable price and ...

EU calls Macedonia to press ahead with reforms
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marcello ha scritto "The Council of the European Union "welcomed the continued progress made by the Republic of Macedonia but regretted that the pace of reforms has slowed down in 2006", says the announcement released late on Monday from the external ...

In Turkey, it's Santa vs. St. Nick
Chicago Sun-Times - 8 hours ago
ANKARA, Turkey -- What's a huge plastic Santa Claus doing among palm trees in a seaside town in Turkey? The mayor's answer is simple: He's back home.

Bono Awarded Knighthood
Voice of America

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