Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Kosova valley

These are some pictures I took this summer in Kosova. This is the area known as the Kosova valley in the eastern part of the country. All the pictures look eastward or northeastward. This is the right side of the road when you are going north from Skopje/Shkup to Prishtina/Pristina. The road basically goes in the middle of the valley passing through many Albanian villages and a few Serbian villages. I tried to take some pictures of the villages, the valley itself, and some distant villages on the hills. The hills on the right mark the frontier of the eastern region of Gollak which borders Serbia. So, this is what rural Kosova/Kosovo looks like in the valley:

A village in the Kosova valley

Cows & clowds

Cows, houses & clowds

Village houses

Village houses & greenhouse

Village houses and trees

Village church

Kosova corn

Village on the hillside

Kosova valley

Kosova valley and Gollak hills

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