Thursday, December 21, 2006

Weapons, gypsies, monks, war criminals etc

Some interesting developments going on in Kosovo. The Kosovo police seized some weapons and arrested some people in central Kosovo. This has quite a few implications: 1. Kosovo police did a good job. Kudos to them. 2. Are these weapons left from the war or brought in recently? 3. Are the extremists preparing for the worst case scenario?

In any case, this is definitely a message to that the status process should move quickly. It is interesting that this find came right after the ICG report which urges for fast EU action. Let's hope the worst case scenario doesn't happen, and we get this over with.

Meanwhile, the craziness in Slovenia is going on and gets more interesting. This time the authorities demolished the houses of the gypsy families. Wow!

EU inaction could see 'crisis' in Kosovo, NGO warns, Belgium - 11 hours ago
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – EU procrastination and internal division on the future status of Kosovo could see the region relapse into instability, ...

Kosovo police seize arms, arrest 3 people, FL - 5 hours ago
PRISTINA, Serbia, Dec. 21 (UPI) -- Police and NATO troops in Serbia's mainly ethnic-Albanian Kosovo province seized a large number of weapons and arrested ...

U.S. Deports Bosnian Serb War Suspects
Two Serbs deported to Bosnia for lying to U.S. immigration officers about their role in the 1991-95 Yugoslav war are to be charged with war crimes.

Mladen Blagojevic, 35, and Zdravko Bozic, 42, are the first Bosnian Serbs sent by U.S. authorities to their native Bosnia-Herzegovina to face charges of being involved in the massacre of 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys in July 1995 at Srebrenica.
Resolving Kosovo status is of Serbian interest
MRT online - Dec 20, 2006
NATO Deputy Secretary-General, Alessandro Minuto Rizzo, gave a statement in Belgrade today, saying that resolving of the Kosovo status issue is in the best interest of Serbia and that that issue will be solved in the course of the next year.

EU Opens New Areas In Entry Talks With Croatia, Urges More Action - 3 hours ago
The European Union on Thursday started membership negotiations on three new areas with Croatia and urged the EU-hopeful to step up economic reform efforts to meet the bloc's entry standards.
Poll: Croatians among biggest EU skeptics United Press International

Alarab online
Bulgaria Wants To Take Libyan "torturers" To Court - 3 hours ago
Meanwhile, action was continuing in support of the nurses in Bulgaria Thursday, with Bulgarian Orthodox Church leaders calling for people to pray for their release.
Bulgaria's President Discusses Medics' Fate With Bush Sofia News Agency
Outrage in Bulgaria over death sentences for nurses in Libya AIDS ... San Diego Union Tribune

Wyoming News
EC Accelerates Staff Recruitment from Bulgaria, Romania
Sofia News Agency - 3 hours ago
With just over one week to go before Bulgaria and Romania join the European Union, preparations are well under way to welcome not only two new Commissioners, but also hundreds of officials at all levels of the Commission.

Rebel Monks Holed Up at Chapel in Greece
Forbes - 18 minutes ago
Monks at the rebel Esphigmenou monastery in northern Greece have turned against other monasteries on the all-male, self-governing peninsula of Mount Athos.
Slovenia Pulls Down Gypsy Homes - 2 hours ago
Demolition teams Thursday pulled down homes of a Gypsy family at Ambrus, Slovenia, on land the family legally owned, local media reported.
“EU is Not Ready to Conduct Negotiations with Turkey!”
Journal of Turkish Weekly - 6 hours ago
JTW - At the last meeting of the Committee of Permanent Representatives (COREPER) dated 20 December, there became a consensus on the subject that one chapter would be opened within the framework of Turkey-EU negotiations. The chapter on which the EU ...

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