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What do we speak, Crnski, Gorski...?1
Major companies interested in Kosovo’s mines - 39 minutes ago
Prishtina, 4 December 2006 - Officials from Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals (ICMM) and KTA who attended the international Mines and Money Conference in London last week addressed the media at the EU Pillar’s regular press conference.
Kosovo: € 300 million of KTA to remain frozen
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Ex-Policemen Run Kosovo Passport Scam
Institute for War and Peace Reporting - 35 minutes ago
While it is hard for most Kosovars to get papers to travel abroad, racketeers can solve everything for a fee. "For 300 euro I can get you all the documents in one day," said Sajo, a former policeman in Kosovo and now based in Rozaje, in Montenegro.

MRT online
Rosemary DiCarlo, Stephen Lehne due in Kosovo today
MRT online - 7 hours ago
US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Rosemary DiCarlo and the EU Representative to the Kosovo status process Stefan Lehne will visit Kosovo on Monday.

UPDATE - Balkans conference in Budapest (adds FM's comments)
MTI (Subscription) - Dec 2, 2006
Budapest, December 2 (MTI) - A two-day conference on issues of the Balkans started in Budapest on Saturday. The conference's agenda this year includes aspects of building a multi-ethnic Kosovo and the development of democratic governments in the region.

Row as Bosnia Dutch troops decorated
CNN International - 14 minutes ago
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) -- Against a backdrop of protests, the defense minister gave citations Monday to 850 Dutch troops who served in the UN peacekeeping force that failed to prevent the slaughter of Muslims in the Srebrenica enclave during the ...

Serbia, Bosnia holding out on Balkan trade deal
Reuters - 3 hours ago
Mr. Camilleri is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, positions he has held since August 2002 and April 2002, respectively... Full Bio. By Ellie Tzortzi. BELGRADE, Dec 4 (Reuters) - A trade ...

Bulgaria, Serbia Launch Joint Border Railway Station
Sofia News Agency - 24 minutes ago
Bulgaria: Bulgaria and Serbia will share a railway station from Monday, which will operate as such for the both countries together.

Hunger strike stops Croatia court inquiry
United Press International - 35 minutes ago
OSIJEK, Croatia, Dec. 4 (UPI) -- A Croatian war crimes suspect on a hunger strike for 38 days asked a court Monday in Osijek to stop an investigation into his case, media said.

Macedonia's Police Arrested Robbed Bulgarians
Sofia News Agency - 22 hours ago
Bulgaria: Police in Macedonia have arrested two Bulgarian women who were robbed during a Skopje rock concert and charged them with disturbing the public peace, and offending an officer.

Macedonia to boost fight against corruption
Southeast European Times - 56 minutes ago
Macedonia plans to establish a separate prosecutor's office to fight organised crime and corruption. A new law on public prosecution also extends the list of activities from which government officials are banned from during election campaigns.

Montenegro in muddle over official language
AND - 4 hours ago
By (AND) - The world's newest country, Montenegro, is threatened by a possible constitutional crisis because its leaders can't agree on the name of the language they speak, reports said on Monday.

MRT online
Milosevic's Socialists elect new party chief in Serbia
International Herald Tribune - 7 hours ago
AP. BELGRADE, Serbia: The Socialists of former Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic elected a new party chief Monday, replacing the autocratic leader who died earlier this year in detention at the UN war crimes tribunal.

Slovenia Brings Clear Message to Eurozone, Minister Says
Slovenia Business Week - 6 hours ago
"Slovenia brings a simple and clear message to the eurozone - God's blessing on all nations", Finance Minister Andrej Bajuk said as he opened in Brussels on Tuesday, 28 November an exhibition entitled Slovenia and the euro.

The residents of Bosniac Neighborhood speak about the coexistence without problems

04.12.2006 ET Mitrovica (KosovaLive)

The residents of the Bosniac Neighborhood, in northern part of Mitrovica, inhabited by members of several ethnic communities, speak about multiethnic life without problems in their neighborhood, however they feel concerned about the developments in northern and southern parts of the town.

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