Sunday, February 18, 2007

Albanians vote in municipal elections

Albanians vote in municipal elections, seen as measure of progress ...
International Herald Tribune, France - 8 hours ago
AP. TIRANA, Albania: Albanians were voting in local elections Sunday and thousands of observers were on hand to monitor them, seen as a crucial measure of ...
Western eyes on Albanian polls
BBC News, UK - 8 hours ago
Albanians are voting to elect municipal councils in polls that are being closely watched by the European Union and the United States. ...

UNMIK chief: Russian won’t veto
B92 - 6 hours ago
The UNMIK chief told the Qatar-based Al-Jazeera Saturday that the solution to Kosovo’s status will not be imposed, as well as that some practical issues will have to be agreed on first.
Italy and Croatia end Diplomatic Row - 7 hours ago
The foreign ministry said on Saturday that the government had explained to Croatia's ambassador to Rome that Napolitano's comments had been misinterpreted, and both sides had "overcome" the misunderstanding.

Bulgaria-Unearthed Temples A Millenium Older than Egypt Pyramids
Sofia News Agency - 7 hours ago
Bulgaria: Temples that archaeologists have unearthed in the eastern Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria are about a thousand years older than the pyramids in Egypt and the Mesopotamian civilization, experts claim.

Politika: Serbia’s new government will have more
Focus News - 8 hours ago
Some politicians in Serbia think the new government should have more ministries, the Serbian Politika newspaper writes. According to political analyzers an increase in the number of ministries will help fix problems within the ruling coalition.

Milosevic's militia commander convicted of political murders in Serbia
Independent - Feb 16, 2007
Serbia has sought to dismantle Milosevic's legacy of terror against political opponents by putting prominent Milosevic-era officials on trial.

Manor lures lovers of Romania
Cincinnati Enquirer - 6 hours ago
MICLOSOARA, Romania - There is only one count in this remote Transylvanian village of 512 souls nestling in the wilds of the Carpathian Mountains - and it isn't Count Dracula.

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