Tuesday, February 06, 2007

OjodePez edition about Kosovo

The Spanish photography magazine has devoted its current edition to Kosovo. It's edited by Andrew Testa. Below is a description of the magazine and a picture by Testa.

OjodePez is a photography magazine which aims to fill
an important gap in the present editing
market of documentary image worlwide.
OjodePez publishes photographic features
that have not been published in other media
(well, we really try hard, but even in Ojodepez
the picture editors some times prefer to
play winner numbers, sorry).
For every issue of OjodePez, a professional working in the field
of graphic arts is invited to
select and edit a group of photographical works.
Each feature is accompanied by a text reflecting
on the reality brought up by the pictures.

The caption reads:

Kosovo, Gjakova, 30th August 2005

A girl collapses during a mass burial of Kosovo Albanian civilians who were killed during the war in 1999 by Serbian forces and transported in mass graves in Batajnica, near the Serbian capital Belgrade.

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