Friday, February 23, 2007

World Court to decide if Serbia responsible for genocide
Kosovo ex-leader, headed for Hague, urges calm
Reuters AlertNet - 1 hour ago
PRISTINA, Serbia, Feb 23 (Reuters) - Former Kosovo prime minister Ramush Haradinaj, recalled to The Hague to be tried for war crimes, urged Kosovo Albanians on Friday not to destroy their prospects of independence from Serbia through impatience.

Nationalists urge Serbia to abandon EU plans, quit UN if Kosovo ...

Serbia, paralyzed by Kosovo, may face new election
Washington Post - 2 hours ago
BELGRADE (Reuters) - Coalition talks are going nowhere following Serbia's inconclusive election on January 21 and there may have to be a re-run of the ballot this summer, as the issue of breakaway Kosovo province dominates political life.

INVESTIGATION: Romanian Police Blamed for Kosovo Protest Carnage
BIRN - 3 hours ago
The probe, based on exclusive access to film footage of the rally and interviews with officers of the Kosovo Police Service, KPS, as well as protesters, suggests UN police fired rounds of rubber bullets at the rally at close range, sometimes aiming at ...

Vojvodina Hungarians: Don’t settle Kosovo Serbs
B92 - 19 minutes ago
The Democratic Party of Vojvodina Hungarians (DSVM) said in a statement that according to information available, “a number of people have arrived from Kosovo, invited by locals with Kosovo origins, now under the social care program, and a new wave is ...
Kosovo: IPAK-ECIKS Investment Promotion news - 3 hours ago
Vienna, 23 February 2007 - The project of Foreign Investment Promotion in Kosovo, which started in November 2006 and is being financed by the Austrian Development Agency - ADA has entered its second phase.

World Bank Gives $60 Million to Albania
Houston Chronicle - 7 hours ago
TIRANA, Albania - The World Bank said Friday it had approved two loans totaling $60 million to Albania to complete a road and help with a land reform project.

Opposition Gains in Albania Deal Blow to Berisha
BIRN - 3 hours ago
Local elections in Albania last Sunday delivered an upset to the right-of-centre prime minister, Sali Berisha, who has been much blamed for alleged failures to keep his pledges in 18 months of governing.

Comment: Croatia Resists Reform
BIRN - 3 hours ago
On the long and winding road of post-socialist economic transition, Croatia has often outpaced other countries in southeast Europe.

Greece: 30.000 people march against the education reforms
Infoshop News - 21 minutes ago
Just note that: in the demonstration, there were students from all over Greece, from occupied faculties in Xanthi, Thessaloniki, Komotini, Patra, Volos, Ioannina, Kozani, Crete.

Macedonia: 39 police, customs officers arrested for alleged corruption
International Herald Tribune - 1 hour ago
The suspects allegedly demanded bribes in exchange for not levying taxes and dues on goods being carried across the border, said Ljupco Todorovski, director of Macedonia's National Public Security Bureau. "The operation is still under way," Todorovski ...

MRT online
Boris Trajkovski "I believe in Macedonia"
MRT online - 3 hours ago
The film contains statements from about twenty eminent people from Macedonia and abroad, including those closest to him. The documentary also contains some of his most inspiring speeches taken from a huge source of exclusive archive material.
World Court to decide if Serbia responsible for genocide
Ireland Online - 5 hours ago
The UN’s highest court will deliver its judgment on Monday on Bosnia’s demand to make Serbia accountable for the slaughter, terrorising, rape and displacement of Bosnian Muslims in the early 1990s.
UN court to rule on Serbian role in genocide Guardian Unlimited
UN court to rule in landmark Bosnia genocide case San Diego Union Tribune

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