Saturday, March 10, 2007

The power of civility

Bg anon,

a few days ago you asked me about the latest Vetevendosja protest and why there were no clashes this time. Sorry I couldn't get back to you, it has been a hectic week.

I think one reason there was no clashes between the police and the protestors, was the talks they police had in advance with the movement representatives. The other main reason was that they both behaved during the protest.It seems like Vetevendosje activists did an amazing job at organizing the protest. Also, the Police were very flexible and didn't want to cause trouble given the previous deaths.

Sorry for the brief answer.


Bg anon said...

Actually a colleague of mine has just returned from Kosovo.
He interviewed the leaders of vetevendosje and made some interesting observations.

It seems as if vetevendosje have a number of good points to make. Certainly from what my colleague told me there is a place for them in Kosovo politics.

The main drawback is the nationalism and their support of a Greater Albania but on the positive side they are anti corruption and are critical of Taci, Haradinaj and Ceku. They consider the three men international stooges. They also complain of an international and local media blockade (or negative stories) organised by the internationals and local Kosovo leaders.

They, vetevendosje, say that they will turn their force onto the corruption and social issues in Kosovo politics as soon as status is resolved but until then the national issue will take priority.

My colleague said that none of the men he met struck him as Serb haters, even if they dont want Serb participation in Kosovo talks and a boycott of Serbian goods. At the same time he noted that the group only wanted to talk about Albanian problems with little or no reference to the problems of Kosovo minorities.

I should add that my friend is not a Serb though and is somebody they know they should impress.

bytycci said...

Well, they certainly are not just a ragtag group of people.

They are very well organized.

They are a mix of nationalism and revolutionary leftism. I am not sure what they think about Albanian unification. But, I would agree that they don't hate the Serbs. They are too sophisticated for that.

I hope the status issue is over ASAP, and may be they can focus on corruption and such.