Wednesday, March 21, 2007

UN Mediator Calls for Kosovo Independence

UN Mediator Calls for Kosovo Independence
Washington Post

Lavrov: Kosovo Sets Precedent, but it is not Replicable
Civil Georgia - 37 minutes ago
Although solution to Kosovo status will set a precedent, its replication in cases of Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Transdnestria will not be an appropriate measure, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told State Duma, the Russia’s lower house of the ...

Is Kosovo Russia's test?
Belleville News-Democrat - 3 hours ago
He has analyzed approaches to the Kosovo problem, which may throw light on the expected trends in the development of the world's most urgent issues, such as US and NATO relations with Russia.

EU takes Greece to court for "below par" animal welfare
International Herald Tribune - 38 minutes ago
"The standard of animal welfare in Greece remains below par and the necessary legislation has not been adequately implemented.

A1: No date set for EU membership of Macedonia
Focus News - 33 minutes ago
There is no date set for the membership of Macedonia in the EU. This is the latest position of official Brussels, and in particular the European Commissioner for enlargement Olli Rehn, who announced it together with his Bulgarian colleague Meglena ...

MRT online
Turkish Foreign Minister visits Macedonia
MRT online - 5 hours ago
The interlocutors are expected to reaffirm the high level of friendly relations between the two countries, the shared commitment for membership in EU and Turkey's preparedness to continue supporting Macedonia's NATO bid, Macedonian Foreign Ministry ...

European Human Rights Court rules against Serbia
B92 - 3 hours ago
The ruling obliges Serbia to react an pay for the damages VAM incurred, including EUR 15000 in respect of non-pecuniary damage and EUR 4350 for costs and expenses.

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Bg anon said...

You know I'm interested in how this will turn out between Russia and the US.

Kosovo is only a part of the story. Now its about international relations and unipolar vs multipolar.

Dont get me wrong I dont think its likely the Russians will stop Kosovo gaining eventual independence. But its clear that Putin has had enough of US ascendancy in international affairs. Further he has decided now is the time to make an issue out of it.

Speaking as a world citizen its about time that US hegemony is challenged but the truth is that Russia doesnt have anything new to offer to Kosovo negotiations.

What I have found amazing though is the complete lack of coverage of the issue. Its not everyday that a security council member walks out in the middle of a session, even if he mitigated / denied it later.

bytycci said...

Personally I think Russia is bluffing. It simply wants to get as much out of this whole business as possible. Russia has never even said it is against independence!

May be the lack of coverage of the issue is a sign that really Russia is only bluffing, and no one is taking this seriously.

Remember, when Russia acts up with oil/gas the issue is covered. That's because there Russia has some real power. Over Kosovo? Not really!

Bg anon said...

'Over Kosovo? Not really! '

Yes, I know and history has shown us how Russia backed down at crucial moments on the former Yugoslavia.

But I think the situation is different this time because of the lame duck Presidency of Bush and his various foreign policy failures. At the same time Russia is gaining in strength - it was never in such a strong position in some sectors such as oil - as it is today.

This still doesnt mean Kosovo wont get independence though although I expect the process to be slowed.

Maybe Russia is bluffing but look at it this way so is the US isnt it? I mean look at it the other way round, dont tell me that Kosovo is important enough to the US to risk confrontation with Russia. We are not talking about Iraq where the US is committed or a US border country. Kosovo isnt a US vital interest.

Kosovo (and Serbia) is however, a vital European interest so in the end it will be the Europeans who make the final decision. I wont be surprised if the US backs off on Kosovo saying that the EU can clear up the potential mess on their own.

I'm no crank and this isnt 'mother Russia to the rescue' but I do know a little about international relations.