Sunday, April 22, 2007

Albanians are to blame for global warming!

Recently, a spate of wildfires has gripped Kosova/o. This is hardly a surprise given that wildfires have been common in Southern Europe in the recent years due to the unusually high temperatures. This is a direct consequence of global warming/climate change and we are bound to grapple with wildfires in the future in Southern Europe as well as other parts of the world.

In Kosova/o the authorities have been trying to deal with them, however, as we know, it is difficult to deal with (prevent, stop) wildfires. As is the case with other natural phenomena such as floods, wildfires don't discriminate between publicly- or privately-owned forests. Also, they don't discriminate based on the ethnicity of the private owners. It seems like some of the forests cought in the wildfire are owned by ethnic Serbs. Below is how the Serbian government and media report on the issue. The final status of Kosova/o is a bitter issue between the Serbian government and the Kosovar government and Kosovar citizens, 90% ethnic Albanian. The Serbian government in Belgrade holds that Kosova/o should be part of Serbia and that the Kosovar government doesn't care about the ethnic Serbian minority in Kosova/o. Given the recent history of ethnic cleansing and attempted genocide against Albanians, we know that the Serbian government/society doesn't exactly view Albanians with high esteem. In the struggle for Kosova/o global warming is being used as a tool to prove that Albanians are the bad guys.

Fires ravage Kosovo forests
22 April 2007 | 14:49 | Source: Tanjug
KOSOVSKA MITROVICA -- A fire near the Istok municipality in Kosovo that broke out Saturday has so far ravaged 200ha of Serb-owned forests, Tanjug reports.

The Kosovo Coordinating Center said in a statement that "the fire started near Tučep village in the vicinity of the Istok municipality and spread into the neighboring village of Poljane as a result of an unprofessional and untimely intervention by the Istok fire brigade."

“Locals fear it may lasts two more days and devastate more than 600ha of forest,” the statement read.

“In only four days Albanian extremists set fire on Poljana and Bogače forests owned by local Serbs, ravaging more than 100 hectares. The same happened yesterday in Tučep where the fire has not been put out yet. According to locals, more than 200 hectares of Serb forests has so far been ruined,” the Coordinating Center speculated.

“When two similar incidents happen in a short period of time, we are obliged to suspect that an organized action aimed at intimidating and banishing Kosovo Serbs is underway,” Istok municipality coordinator Radoš Vulić told the press Saturday.

He said that "fires have been intentionally started for the last eight years", adding that the locals were “persistent, dealing with hardships and remaining in their homes.”

The Coordinating Center remarked that “KFOR and UNMIK representatives failed to respond to numerous appeals to protect Kosovo Serbs.”

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Anonymous said...

Very funny. This only shows how Serbs thinks. No one in Kosovo is botherings Serbs.

WARchild said...

I read a couple of lines about this somewhere else and "ethnicity" of the forest caught my eye, but didn't find it that absurd. I guess we are all getting used to it, and that's sad.

This is like that other distinction between Serb cows and Albanian cows.

The burden of proof seems to be on Albanians to stop all natural disasters that might involve Serbs or they will get angry and complain to the UN mission. Good luck with that.

bytycci said...

I am not familiar with the cow story. ...?

Bg anon said...

Well I must say that I havent heard this one yet. But thanks bytycci if I'm ever called upon to be part of Kosovo negotiations I'll remember to include this with the bit about an islamic takeover of Europe :)

Still on a more serious note it seems a bit suspicious that forest fires are raging and its not even high summer yet. On the other hand with the amount of smokers in the Balkans it might just be some careless idiot. God knows there seem to be quite a few of them about - a few days ago one guy threw his lit cig end at me by mistake.

bytycci said...

it's quite likely that some stupid smoker threw a cigarette out of the window. But wildfires have been raging all over KS so it might just be they start themselves because of temperatures.

in fact the problem with smokers is big. don't get me started...