Monday, April 02, 2007

The Eurovision

This is the Eurovision semifinal preview.

My opinion on all the songs competing:

Best song: Ukraine
Best song by non-crossdressing comic: Germany
Most hilarious song: Ukraine
Best Balkan song: they are all good.
Ranking of Balkan songs if I am forced at gunpoint: Croatia, Albania/Serbia/Bosnia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Montenegro etc.
Best song by a non-recognized-soon-to-be-independent country: Kosova
Best Mediterranean: Portugal/Turkey
Best Nordic: Sweden
Best East Europan: How many times I have to say it.
Best metal ballad: Iceland
Best rock ballad: Croatia
Best rock: Austria
Best rapping: Israel
Best love song: Hungary
Best gothic: Slovenia
Best message: Macedonia
Best song promoting the Balkans: Macedonia
Best song promoting a country: Georgia/Albania
Most political song: Israel
Hottest chick: Macedonia
Least charming chick: Serbia
Best looking SoB: Austria
Best dressed singer: Austria
Worst dressed singer: Albania
Coolest band: Israel
Most pathetic: Norway/UK/Switzerland


Bg anon said...

She is not uncharming. In fact she is quite charming when she talks. Its another question concerning the way she looks.

IMO she stands a good chance of winning - no I havent heard the song or any of the songs actually. I'm talking about image and voice.
The idea is that she be will dressed up as a guy and be surrounded by 5 or so femmes.

This kind of thing is loved by Euro kitsch vision. I would seriously think about placing a bet on her. She aint 6th favourite in the betting shops - outside Serbia for nothing.

Hmm thats an idea. If you are in Kosovo you could make quite a bit of money betting on her right? I bet nobody is Kosovo would be on her so the odds of her winning are probably worse / better than anywhere else in the world - if you know what I mean.

Bg anon said...

Oh and yeah she looks like Elvis.

Which is another way of marketting her - not that I think anybody in Serbia realises this yet.

bytycci said...

I used the word Least charming trying to be modest :)

And yeah she kinda reminded me of someone but I couldnt figure it now. Now I know she does look like Elvis.

I think it is better if she dresses like a guy. The song is not bad.

I am not in KS, and I am sure people are betting like crazy there.

Did u see that I put the link to Belgrade 2.0.

Bg anon said...

Well as long as you arent in Serbia (political points aside) where the odds are so short you might make a bit of money - an each way bet perhaps?

Thanks for putting the link I'll get Viktor to do the same :) nice one.

bytycci said...

you're welcome. don't mention it. all in the name of good neighborly relations :)

Gonzo said...

I agree with some of your votes.
You forgot Best looking guy, who in my oppinion is one of the Spanish band.

The guy from Belarus looks like Ashlee Simpson, as someone said.

Vote for Portugal on the 10th!
Great blog!

Bg anon said...

You are now on the blogroll at Belgrade 2.0

Heres to bringing the world closer together!

bytycci said...

I didnt forget best looking guy. It's under Best looking SoB.

He does look like Ashlee Simpson haha.

Vote for Albania ;)

bg anon

Thanks man. Ziveli.