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Non-Serb minorities in Kosovo feel discriminated by Russian ambassador to UN

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by a reader of South East Europe Online


Non- Serb minorities in Kosovo feel discriminated by Russian ambassador to UN


Pristina, Kosovo- A UN fact-finding mission that consist of ambassadors of the 15 members of Security Council arrived in Kosovo yesterday for a two-day visit, following meetings in Belgrade Thursday.


In addition to meetings with Albanians and Serbs, they had planed a meeting with representatives of other non- Serb minorities such as Romas, Bosnjaks and Turks, but Russian ambassador to UN, Vitaly Churkin, decided to leave the mission when they finished their meeting with Albanians and headed to the village of Gracanica where Serb minority have majority. The non- Serbs minorities which constitute about 4 % of the population of Kosovo have since the beginning supported an independent Kosovo but were hugely disappointed by the fact that Russian ambassador cancelled meeting with them, so he could arrive in Gracanica hours before the other members of the mission.


Russia has earlier expressed concern about the rights of minorities in Kosovo and many were surprised when Russian ambassador left the other members and choose not to listen to what other minorities had to say. The representatives who attended the meeting were very interested to know why Curkin cancelled the meeting but no one was able to answer them.


Russia, a permanent member, is the only member of Security Council opposing Ahtisaari's plan that propose independence for Kosovo. Both the US and French ambassador praised the progress Kosovo has made "especially where it concerned minorities" while Russian ambassador Churkin refused to comment.

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if you supported secession as did the 4 % go and whine to the fuhrer herr ruecker or his boyfriend uncle sam.nes pas?