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Polt: UN SC started work on Kosovo resolution
James Lyon: Partition of Kosovo?
B92 - 3 hours ago
Belgrade’s Kosovo status endgame is increasingly clear. Plan “A” seems to consist of trying to delay an independence decision as long as possible.
[Opinion] Serbia has to accept the loss of Kosovo dtt-net

IN-DEPTH: Lobbyists Pull Out Stops in Battle for Kosovo
BIRN - 5 hours ago
Search for “Kosovo” on the Internet and you may find yourself a little confused. This is because until you look closer, savekosova.

Polt: UN SC started work on Kosovo resolution
B92 - 1 hour ago
"The UN Security Council has begun drafting an appropriate resolution for Kosovo and right now, we are having talks with the Security Council member countries about the way in which the resolution will be formulated," Polt told Tanjug Wednesday.
Kosovo privatisation fund in commercial banks - 1 hour ago
The Kosovo Trust Agency - KTA project for allocating a part of the KTA Trust Fund to commercial banks in Kosovo remains a project on paper only.

INTERVIEW-Bosnia's Serbs must not tie status to Kosovo
Reuters AlertNet - 6 hours ago
SARAJEVO, April 11 (Reuters) - Bosnian Serbs should not tie their fate to that of Serbia's province of Kosovo, where the Albanian majority may be granted supervised sovereignty soon, Bosnian Prime Minister Nikola Spiric said in an interview.

Finnish Directorate of Immigration wants to deport woman, 71, to ...
Newsroom Finland - 5 hours ago
The partially paralysed woman's relatives say there is no functioning elderly care or family to take care of her in Kosovo. By contrast, the directorate says elderly care in Kosovo is at a sufficient level and does not view her relatives in Porvoo as ...

IN-DEPTH: Balkans Struggles to Grasp its International Potential
BIRN - 2 hours ago
“Small states should find a reason in most issues for taking a stance; most after all involve principles of sovereignty, which is of central importance to the Western Balkans, and something they should have a position on.
Stability of the Balkans in danger
Helsingin Sanomat - 2 hours ago
Russia also needs to ponder how the continuing state of confusion in the Balkans will serve its interests, and whether or not relations with the West should be jeopardised over the matter.
[Opinion] Serbia has to accept the loss of Kosovo dtt-net
Breaking with the past Guardian Unlimited

Albania, Serbia conclude talks with EU on visa facilitation deals
dtt-net - 2 hours ago
COM)-Albania and Serbia have followed Bosnia and Herzegovina in concluding the negotiations on visa facilitation agreements with the EU.
Bush signs act calling for Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Georgia ... dtt-net
Former premier resigns as head of opposition party in Croatia due ...
International Herald Tribune - 2 hours ago
He became an emblem of Social Democratic Party, the largest in Croatia's opposition. His absence could hurt its standing in polls, many of which show it just behind the governing conservative Croatian Democratic Union, with some even putting it in the ...
Croatia: Social Democratic Leader Resigns Because Of Serious ...
Health problems force Croatian opposition leader Racan to step down Jurnalo -
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BiH, Croatia seek agreement on proposed bridge
Southeast European Times - 1 hour ago
"The government of Croatia has forwarded to the BiH authorities an acceptable proposal for the construction of the Peljesac-mainland bridge," BiH Transport and Communications Minister Bozo Ljubicic said.

Belgian serving life-long in Greece
Expatica - 5 hours ago
BRUSSELS –Belgian national Alain Libens (33) has been sentenced to a life-long penalty of forced labour by a Greek court after trying to smuggle 10 kilos of cannabis into Greece. The dealers he was working for in Belgium were sentenced here to a ...

E Canada Now
George Bush Supports Macedonia’s NATO Membership
Focus News - 4 hours ago
US President George Bush signed the bill in support NATO membership for Macedonia, Croatia, Albania, Georgia and Ukraine, Macedonian Dnevnik daily informed.
US President Bush signs bill on supporting Macedonia's accession ... Journal of Turkish Weekly
US President Bush signs bill on supporting Macedonia's accession ... MRT online
Makfax - Southeast European Times - Journal of Turkish Weekly - RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty
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Macedonia, World Bank sign grant agreements
Focus News - 38 minutes ago
The World Bank and the Republic of Macedonia signed today two grant agreements worth several millions euros, the Macedonian Makfax reports.

Macedonia to repay $137 million external debt ahead of schedule
Makfax - 5 hours ago
Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said on Wednesday that along with the previous tranche one month ago, Macedonia's external debt repayments total $240 million.
Serbia jails Srebrenica death squad
The Age - 2 hours ago
In Belgrade, Serbia's special war crimes court sentenced the Scorpion commander, Slobodan Medic, and another defendant each to 20 years.
Serbia convicts paramilitaries for taped war crime execution The NewStandard
Pro-Serbia ruling made without access to relevant papers Legalbrief (subscription)
Boston Globe - The Observer Blog - - JURIST
Blic: Serbia starts diplomatic offensive about Kosovo
Focus News - 6 hours ago
Serbia has started a diplomatic offensive about Kosovo although it doesn’t have a new government, parliament and ambassadors in most of the member states of the Contact Group and the UN Security Council.
[Opinion] Serbia has to accept the loss of Kosovo dtt-net

New York Times
Romania, a Poor Land, Imports Poorer Workers
Spiegel Online - 5 hours ago
BACAU, Romania -- To get around the chronic labor shortages hampering this traditional textile center and in other industries across Romania, Sorin Nicolescu, who runs a clothing factory, came up with an original solution: import 800 workers from China ...

COMMENT: Slovenia to Push for Balkan Integration as EU President
BIRN - 6 hours ago
When Slovenia becomes the first new EU member to assume the Presidency in the first half of 2008, it will do so only five years after joining the club.

Man held in Turkey for plane hijacking threat
Independent Online - 10 hours ago
Ankara, Turkey - Turkish police detained a man who threatened to blow up a passenger plane Tuesday unless the flight was diverted to Iran, officials said.

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