Friday, April 13, 2007

UN Security Council to Send Special Mission to Kosovo

UN Security Council to Send Special Mission to Kosovo
Voice of America - 2 hours ago
British Ambassador John Perry, who is the current president of the council, said representatives of 15 member nations will visit Kosovo later this month. Perry said Belgium's ambassador, Johan Verbeke, will head the UN delegation to Pristina.

Austria, Serbia work on face-saving Kosovo deal
B92 - 7 hours ago
Italy and Austria agreed in 1972 that the province could have special legislative rights and fill major administrative posts without interference from Rome, an element missing from Ahtisaari's plan for the Serb areas of Kosovo.
Kosovo: World Bank to take over the energy project - 5 hours ago
Prishtina, 13 April 2007 - According to high-level international sources the project to build Power plant Kosovo C was taken under control by the World Bank.

EU eases visa regime for Albania, Bosnia, Montenegro
Focus News - 4 hours ago
European Union Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini initialled Friday an agreement on easing the visa regime for Albania, Bosnia and Montenegro, AFP reports.
EU eases visa regime for Albania, Bosnia, Montenegro EUbusiness (press release)
EU initials visa deal with 3 Balkan countries International Herald Tribune
Croatia's cancer-stricken former prime minister close to death ...
International Herald Tribune - 12 hours ago
Racan, 63, who headed Croatia's first staunchly pro-Western government from 2000 to 2003 and afterward led the country's strongest political opposition, was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his shoulder two months ago.

Sydney Morning Herald
War Criminal Dragan Vasiljkovic, Ordered From Australia Back To ...
All Headline News - Apr 12, 2007
However, Vasiljkovic is wanted in Croatia on charges of war crimes against the population of Croatia. Vasiljkovic is suspected of leading a unit to beat, torture and kill Croatian soldiers and police in 1991.
Captain Dragan to Be Extradited to Croatia
Serbia rejects EU accession proposal
PRESS TV - 5 hours ago
Meanwhile, German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer said that Serbia would have a bright future in the EU provided that it gave up its links with its past, including Kosovo and crimes committed during the Milosevic era.

Serbia protests German ambassador's remarks on Kosovo
Southeast European Times - 5 hours ago
Germany's ambassador to Belgrade was accused of meddling in Serbia's internal affairs on Thursday, a day after the envoy urged the country's authorities to accept a UN plan, recommending that Kosovo be granted supervised independence.
4 Serbs Guilty in Execution of 6 Bosnians
New York Times - Apr 11, 2007
LJUBLJANA, Slovenia, April 10 - A Serbian war-crimes court on Tuesday convicted four former paramilitary officers in the July 1995 killings of six Bosnian Muslims from Srebrenica, where thousands of Muslims were killed the same week.

Turkish Press
Turkey's 'threat' to secular rule
BBC News - 1 hour ago
As prime minister he has launched wide-ranging democratic reforms aimed at joining the EU, but Turkey's staunchly secular elite do not trust him to uphold the strict division here between religion and the state.

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