Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back to blogging

Dear readers,

Sorry for the interruption of normal blogging here. That has happened for a combination of reasons. From now on I hope to bring you some more pictures and opinion about life and developments in Kosova/o and the Balkans.



Jeff said...

We missed you and are glad to have you back.

bytycci said...

thanks man!

Bg anon said...

Welcome back.

Yeah I wondered whether you had taken my advice, laid a huge bet on Marija Serifovic and decided to relocate to the Bahamas!

On a more serious note did you read about the set of diplomatic gaffes that Bush made this time round in Europe? They included chewing gum at a senior meeting with Czech officials (which he swallowed when he realised his hosts didnt like it), shaking hands with the Pope rather than kissing it, as is tradition and referring to the pope as 'Mr'.

I dont know if the Albanian media are reporting any gaffes from the visit to Tirana but you gotta love these gaffes.

bytycci said...

Haha. No I hadnt taken ur advice. I had to leave for KS sort of urgently. Now i am based in KS.

I didnt follow Albanian media on that, but i dont think they have reported on his gaffes. Of course they are funny.