Thursday, June 21, 2007

Former Serbian general Vlastimir Djordjevic refuses to plead guilty on charges of crimes against Kosovo Albanians in 1999


Former Serbian general Vlastimir Djordjevic refuses to plead guilty on charges from Kosovo in 1999, as he appears in front of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), in The Hague. Djordjevic was granted Tuesday a delay of 30 days to enter a plea before the UN war crimes tribunal trying him for alleged atrocities against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo.(AFP/ANP-HO/Rick Nederstigt)


An ethnic Albanian child holds an ice cream cone during some traditional games in the village of Belobrad, south part of Kosovo's capital Pristina, June 15, 2007. (Hazir Reka/Reuters)

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Bg anon said...

Shouldnt this read 'refuses to plead on charges...'. Hope springs eternal, maybe just maybe he might admit something.

Of course thats unrealistic but perhaps they might offer him a deal to shop Sainovic and Stanisic etc... Oh yes and if there are some Albanian bodies at a location he knows about, then him letting families bury their dead by giving information imo should mean a lesser sentence. Not much of a lesser sentence but a lesser sentence nevertheless.

imo prison sentences generally but at the Hague also about prevention, rehabilitation (ok this wont happen)

jeebus said...

The UN, the Hague, and any war crimes trials affiliated with them are damned jokes. There are men being convicted of murder and genocide being sentenced to less than death, less than life even:

Radislav Krstic, was gaoled for 46 years for his role in the murder of almost 8000 Muslim men and boys in the town of Srebrenica in 1995


Or even, as Blagojevic, those convicted of "aiding and abetting" the murder of 8,000 and getting 15 years. That comes to 16 hours and 43 minutes per innocent Bosniac slaughtered.


These are genocide convictions mind. Genocide. Let the word roll around your mouth for a while and the idea percolate in your mind. Genocide. 46 years and 15 years respectively.

Even if these "men" serve these pitiful sentences it will be in the relative luxury of Northern European jails where I'm sure they'll get all sorts of goodies to make their stays easier. Hell, they'll probably get time off for good behavior.

The UN is a cesspool of humanity and its "international law" seeks only to bureaucratize evil and make it more banal than it already is.

These men are evil. String them up and let them burn in the hottest pits of Hell. Period.

bytycci said...

Well these things are always complicated and deals and such are always involved.

I mean it doesnt matter what you do to these people. The harm they have done will never be undone. What matters is that this people are sentenced and that it goes down in history that these people did crimes at a certain times in a certain situation. May be such sentences will help improve relations between people in the Balkans.