Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kosovo Deadline Looms

Kosovo Deadline Looms

Published: July 10, 2007

Zalmay Khalilzad, the American ambassador, said that the Security Council must act within a week on Kosovo and that Britain, France and the United States would produce a resolution revised for the fourth time to meet Russian objections to the proposed independence of the breakaway Serbian province. Russia, a close ally of Serbia’s, has threatened to veto the resolution, but Mr. Khalilzad said, “The time has come for Russia to take a step in the right direction.”

Kosovo Deadline Looms - New York Times

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Bg anon said...

Such a resolution is likely to ensure that potential recognition would be delayed at least until the end of autumn.

I understand the importance of keeping this whole thing running under the auspices of the UNSC but to be honest I'm not sure that a half baked resolution which will just delay the status question will help anybody.

On the other hand I think the unilateral route is paved with danger too - even from the perspective of supporters of Kosovo independence.

The endgame for Kosovo is a tough call now. I was convinced that independence was inevitable and remain convinced that Serbia will not have any control over Kosovo.

However, what that means and what they will call it is another question. I think what with the EU now being asked to take control (with the Russians and US remaining firm), well they will fudge it and a real compromise will be forced. That wont be easy for Kosovo independence supporters to swallow but I repeat this doesnt mean that Belgrade will rule Kosovo in any way.

Thats my impression at this stage anyway.