Friday, October 19, 2007

Serb ex-paramilitaries arrested for Kosovo crimes
Serb ex-paramilitaries arrested for Kosovo crimes
Reuters UK - 2 hours ago
BELGRADE (Reuters) - Serbian police on Friday arrested four men suspected of crimes committed in Kosovo during Serbia's 1998-99 war with ethnic Albanian separatists, local media reported.
Serbian police arrest 4 ex-paramilitaries suspected in Kosovo war ... International Herald Tribune
Kosovo's future
Economist - 19 hours ago
KOSOVO should be abuzz. A general election is due on November 17th. Soon afterwards Kosovo's Albanians (Kosovars) hope to declare independence, becoming the seventh country to emerge from the wreckage of Yugoslavia.
Serbia EU entry not tied to Kosovo deal-France Reuters
Putinism in the Balkans The Weekly Standard

Third round of Kosovo talks approaching
B92 - 1 hour ago
BELGRADE, PRIŠTINA, PARIS -- The third round of Kosovo talks will take place between Belgrade and Priština representatives on Monday in Vienna.

Kosovo Serbs Put their Hopes in Russia - and Putin
BIRN - 1 hour ago
19 10 2007 Amidst signs of an emerging Putin personality cult among Kosovo Serbs, many locals doubt how far Russia would go to give them support.

Kosovo PM Warns again of Possible Unilateral Moves
BIRN - 1 hour ago
19 10 2007 Pristina _ Kosovo's Prime Minister, Agim Ceku, has reaffirmed his readiness to take unilateral steps towards the UN-administered territory's independence after December 10.

Montenegro's tourism brings 420 million euros
Makfax - 5 hours ago
The tourism in Montenegro brought a profit of 420 million euros in the past nine months. In the same period, according to official data, roughly 1.1 million tourists visited Montenegro. The number of overnight stays rose to 7.000.000.
Serbia's future The Russian option
Economist - 19 hours ago
But Western diplomats are worried by Serbia's dalliance with Russia. Marko Jaksic, a member of Serbia's Kosovo negotiating team, helps to run northern Kosovo.

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