Monday, January 07, 2008

"Koštunica does not want Serbia in EU"

The Age
Serbian Orthodox Church lashes out at 'world power-mongers' over ...
International Herald Tribune - 2 hours ago
AP BELGRADE, Serbia: The Serbian Orthodox Church used its Christmas message Monday to lash out at what it called world "power-mongers" seeking to take away Kosovo from Serbia. The church said that world powers were "shamelessly violating all norms of

Bosnia more of threat to stability in Balkans than Kosovo: EU
EUbusiness (press release) - 12 minutes ago
(LJUBLJANA) - The future of Bosnia, currently made up of two highly autonomous halves, poses a "more serious" threat to stability in the Balkans than Kosovo does, the EU's current president Janez Jansa said Monday. "Bosnia-Hercegovina is a more serious ...

Mrkonjić: I will never allow Kosovo independence
B92 - 15 minutes ago
“It’s our duty to the Serbian people, tradition, the Constitution and the policies led by the socialists over the past century in defending Kosovo,” said the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) presidential candidate at a rally in Priložje, ...

BALKANS: Serbs Wait For Free Wealth
IPS - 13 minutes ago
By Vesna Peric Zimonjic BELGRADE, Jan 7 (IPS) - Going by official media, the Kosovo dispute seems to top the nation's agenda. But Serbs have their mind more on visions of free wealth that they believe will be theirs, after the Law on Free Distribution ...

Balkans minnow takes over as leader of the EU - Jan 3, 2008
It takes the helm as the issue of the Balkans and Yugoslavia burst back on to the international agenda with Kosovo. The small Alpine country along with Croatia sparked the break-up of Yugoslavia by declaring independence in 1991.

Putin to visit Bulgaria on January 17 and 18
Sofia Echo - 2 hours ago
Russian president Vladimir Putin would visit Bulgaria on January 17 and 18, the press office of the Bulgarian President said.

China Daily
Greece hit by strong earthquake
Tehran Times - 41 minutes ago
Reports say the quake was felt over much of Greece, which is the most earthquake-prone country in Europe. BBC Athens correspondent Malcolm Brabant said the quake shook his house vigorously for 20 seconds and sent him sprinting for the front door.

Rival Orthodox churches in Montenegro in Christmas clash
B92 - Jan 5, 2008
CETINJE -- The Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro and the Montenegrin Orthodox Church today sent Xmas greetings. Both churches will hold their central Christmas Eve festivities in Cetinje.

"Koštunica does not want Serbia in EU"
B92 - 3 hours ago
BELGRADE -- Vojin Dimitrejević believes behind Vojislav Koštunica’s most recent comments lies his wish for Serbia not to enter the EU.

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