Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Kosovo Coalition Eyes Imminent Independence

New Kosovo Coalition Eyes Imminent Independence
Deutsche Welle - 5 hours ago
Kosovo's two leading parties have formally sealed a coalition agreement, giving them a parliamentary majority. Party leaders have set a clear agenda of independence for the break-away province.
Kosovo parties form coalition San Jose Mercury News

Concert for the needy of Kosovo
ic Wales - 4 hours ago
For the past four years the charity has focused its attention on Kosovo, working closely with the Mother Teresa Society, whose role is to identify the refugees, displaced persons, hospitals, and schools, which are in most need of assistance from Hope ...

Bora Cosic on the inhabitants of Kosovo
Courrier International - Jan 7, 2008
Serbian author Bora Cosic recalls how Kosovo Albanians were always treated as somehow less worthy than other Yugoslavians - even under Tito.

Slovenia to concentrate EU attention in Western Balkans
Euronews.net - 1 hour ago
Host prime minister Janez Jensa talked about the main priorities: "We place great importance on the Western Balkans, the coordinated starting out point being the question: what will their future be.

EU presidency wants Serbia deal
BBC News - 40 minutes ago
Slovenia has raised the prospect of Serbia taking a step closer to joining the EU, possibly by the end of January. Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel, whose country holds the EU presidency, says he believes Serbia should sign a pre-entry accord as soon as ...

Serbia refuses to register Montenegrin Church
B92 - 1 hour ago
BELGRADE -- Belgrade has rejected a demand by the Montenegrin Orthodox Church (CPC) to be registered in Serbia. The Ministry of Religion made the decision, and explained it by saying that "from the point of view of Orthodox churches the CPC is not ...

Bulgaria and Romania to enter Schengen in 2011-2012 - Slovenian ...
Sofia Echo - 6 hours ago
An evaluation of Bulgaria and Romania's readiness to join the Schengen area was launched, Slovenia interior minister Dragutin Mate told journalists, who had been invited to Ljubljana on the occasion of Slovenian EU presidency.


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