Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Serbia makes fresh Kosovo threat

Serbia makes fresh Kosovo threat
Graffiti promote Kosovan independence in Mitrovica, in the north of the disputed province
Temperatures have been rising ahead of the expected declaration
Serbia intends to pronounce any declaration of independence by Kosovo annulled even before any declaration has been made, its PM has said.
Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica said that Serbia would "in advance cancel out the... creation of a fictitious state" on Thursday.
Kosovo is expected to make the declaration in a matter of days.
A high-level Serbian security council has been meeting to discuss a secret "action plan" if that happens.
The defence ministry has ruled out military intervention and the energy ministry disruption to electricity supplies, Reuters news agency reported.
But Serbia could disrupt telephone or internet services in Kosovo, reports suggest.
It could also take diplomatic or legal action against countries that recognise Kosovan statehood - which Kosovo could announce as early as Sunday.
International split
"We shall not allow such a creation to exist for a moment," Mr Kostunica said on Tuesday, according to Reuters.

"It has to be legally annulled the moment it is illegally proclaimed by a leadership of convicted terrorists."
The US and most members of the EU say they will support independence for Kosovo's ethnic Albanian majority, while Russia has spoken out against it.
Serbia has requested a UN Security Council meeting on the issue on Thursday, to coincide with its formal rejection of the Kosovan move.


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