Thursday, May 22, 2008

Summer Universities in Mitrovica & Ohrid

International Summer Universities in the Balkans.

The third edition of Mitrovica Summer Courses (MSC) and the fourth International Summer University Macedonia (ISUM) will be organized this year by SPARK (formerly ATA) and its local partners.  These Summer Universities offer students - from local to international - the opportunity to participate in an exciting academic program.

Mitrovica Summer Courses 2008

SPARK  together with its local partners, is currently preparing the third edition of the MSC which will be organized from the 12th  - 26th of July 2008 in Mitrovica, Kosovo (1244). Intensive academic courses will be offered in the fields of international relations and conflict studies, among others. Rewarding each successful student with 3 ECTS. Each course will be taught by an international professor and a local co-professor.  Additionally, for each course an assistant professor is appointed who will lead workshops and homework classes in the afternoons. All courses will be taught in English. In some courses, translation into Serbian will be provided. Around 150 students will participate and there is no tuition fee. Books, readers, accommodation, and food will be provided free of charge for local and students from South East Europe. Travel costs will be remunerated. For International Students food and accommodation can be provided for a modest price.: around 130 euro's in total for 2 weeks. Besides an extensive academic program, exciting leisure activities such as parties, excursions, public debates, field trips and more will be organized. The deadline for application is the 30th of may 2008.

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 International Summer University Macedonia 2008

ISUM 2008 will be held from the 7th of till the 20th of July. This year it will be organized in Ohrid, a beautiful resort also known as 'the pearl of the Balkans'. 12 courses will be offered in the fields of Law, Economics, Business & Public Administration, Gender, Education Science and Teacher Training. Students who successfully complete their course receive 3 ECTS. Each course will be taught by an International professor, a local co-professor and a student assistant. 320 local and international students will participate. A small participation fee of 50 Euros is required but scholarships will be provided for 80 applicants from South East Europe. The scholarship will cover travel expenses, accommodation, and food.  Besides the rich educational program, a diverse recreational program with activities such as sports, excursions, course lunches, field trips and parties will be organized.

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