Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Albanians, Serbs don't agree in Vienna talks

Vienna talks between Kosova and Serb officials bring no agreement, while tensions rise as pressure increases. Serb President, Tadic agrees to participate in the high level talks with Kosovo Albanians, Prime Minister Kostunica undecided, yet.

Albania, Croatia and Macedonia Face Barriers as They Seek Bids to Join NATO.

Croatia Summit

Ceku in Slovenia today
B92 - 8 hours ago
LJUBLJANA -- Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku will be making an official visit to Ljubljana today. The Kosovo Government confirmed that Ceku was invited by his Slovenian counterpart Janez Janša to make an official visit to Slovenia. ...

Macedonia, EU to sign visa concession agreement
B92 - Jul 18, 2006
SKOPLJE -- By the end of 2006, Macedonia will sign a visa concession agreement with the EU. According to the head of the European Commission's Delegation in Macedonia Erwan Fouere this decision was made by...

Sofia Echo - 5 hours ago
The beer consumption in Bulgaria for the first six months of 2006 has increased by 11 per cent, compared to the same period last year. In the same period, 54 per cent of the customers bought beer in glass bottles and 37 per cent preferred plastic ones.

Clemente appointed Serbia coach
BBC Sport - 2 hours ago
Javier Clemente has been appointed the first coach of Serbia following the country's split with Montenegro. The 57-year-old former Spain coach was sacked by Athletic Bilbao earlier this month after criticising the club's transfer policy. ...

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