Friday, August 04, 2006

Blog links

This blog is not only supposed to be informative, and entertaining, it is also supposed to be useful. So, I reorganized the links to the right. They are ranked based on the countries they are from and/or about. On top are those that write generally about the region. So, if you want to find a blog from or about Albania look to the top of the list. And if you are looking for Slovenia or Turkey look at the bottom of the list.

Below that, you will find a list of blogs from and/or on the region not written in English. The organization follows the same pattern described above. Also, there is a section called "Wider Europe Blogs." (I hope you appreciate the irony of that. EU had formally classified the Balkans as "Wider Europe" (lumped together with Russia) until recently).

Also, I put created a section called "World Blogs", which now contains only two links from - guess where - the Middle East. More to come on that.

Hope you'll enjoy it.

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