Friday, August 04, 2006

Rupel vs. Serbian Government

Everything started with a statement by Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Koštunica: Serbia won’t give up Kosovo for the sake of joining the EU. (31 July 2006)

The match:

Round I:

Foreign Affairs Minister of Slovenia, Dimitrij Rupel:Koštunica’s statement regarding Kosovo presents a problem. (1 August 2006)

Round II:

President of the Coordination Center for Kosovo
Sanda Rašković-Ivić: The Contact Group and the UNSC are dealing with Kosovo, and not Slovenia, which is not a member of either of those two international bodies. (1 August 2006)

Adviser to the Prime Minister of Serbia, Aleksandar Simić: I don't know if Seria ever requiested any type of advice from Rupel. (1 August 2006)

Round III:

Foreign Minister of Slovenia, Dimitrij Rupel: Kosovo is not the real problem, Serbia is. (4 August 2006)

We'll keep you posted.

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