Thursday, November 23, 2006

Another writer-president?

Havel did it, why not Kadare?! Let's see what happens.

Kosovo independence a 'nightmare' for Serbia
MSNBC - 4 hours ago
By Tom Burgis in Brussels. Independence for Kosovo would visit a "nightmare" on Serbia's government by bolstering supporters of the late dictator Slobadan Milosevic, the country's foreign minister has warned.

Slovenia to dramatically expand peacekeeping forces in Kosovo
People's Daily Online - 13 hours ago
Slovenia would dramatically expand its peacekeeping forces in Kosovo from the current 214 to 600 soldiers, Slovenian Defense Minister Karl Erjavec told the press in Ljubljana on Wednesday.
SRSG in Slovenia emphasizes need for swift Kosovo settlementReliefWeb (press release)
British House of the Lords warns on danger from Balkans isolation ...
MRT online - 9 hours ago
British peers warn on danger from isolation of the Balkan countries due to EU decision that there should be no further enlargement until institutional changes had been agreed.
EU Enlargement "Beneficial" to UK Economy Sofia News Agency
UK Economy "Boosted" by Migrant Workers - Report Sofia News Agency

MRT online
Kadare - likely candidate for Albania's next president
MRT online - 5 hours ago
The prominent Albanian writer Ismail Kadare is most likely to be nominated by Albanian rightists for country's next president, local media said.

Xtra News
Beckham's stolen jeep turns up in Macedonia - 5 hours ago
SKOPJE (Reuters) - Macedonia has found a jeep it suspects was stolen from David Beckham in Madrid and may sell the car if the former England captain does not claim it.

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