Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Crossing the Iber

This is a fairly good article which talks about a inter-ethnic project to clean the Iber river. Below is a section.

Working for peace

Azemi is a young Albanian man whose father and brother were killed during the war. He works at a small car wash up the road from one of the three bridges that cross the Iber. During the war, the bridge was blocked by tanks — and snipers occupied the tall apartment buildings just up the hill.“Let me give you one example,” he said in broken English. “The cleaning project on the Iber River has let Albanians and Serbs work together. I have seen a Serb and Albanian who are working on the project drinking together in this bar.”He pointed to a small building with two tables out front. “More projects like this are needed. Maybe a factory where you bring 20 Serbs, 20 Albanians, 20 Roma, 20 Ashkalia and 20 Bosniaks to work together. That way each will have money and not need to steal from each other. We can then eat and drink together.”

Crossing the Iber: Kosovo’s Hidden Identity — Part II by Brendan Buzzard - The Globalist > > Global Society

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