Thursday, November 16, 2006

State genocide

Although this doesn't have to do directly with the Balkans...

This is an expert from the report of the meeting of the UN Alliance of Civilizations which mentions the Balkans when talking about extremism. The full report is here.

3.12 Extremism and terrorism are not motivated solely by exclusivist interpretations of religion, nor are non-state actors alone in employing them. Indeed, secular political motives were responsible for some of the most horrifying reigns of terror in living memory, such as the Holocaust, the Stalinist repressions in the Soviet Union, and more recent genocides in Cambodia, the Balkans, and Rwanda, all perpetrated by state powers. In sum, a cursory look at the twentieth century indicates that no single group, culture, geographic region, or political orientation has a monopoly on extremism and terrorist acts.

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WARchild said...

Does it mention Serb Orthodox Church?

bytycci said...

No. Even though SOC supported the genocide, in fact it was a secular undertaking. Slobo was an atheist himself.