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The Case for Kosova. Passage to Independence

This book, obviously, tries to answer some key questions, or I would say claims which are made by Serbian radicals, when they oppose Kosova's independence. So, here is the link below and don't be stingy.

Anna Di Lellio (ed) The Case for Kosova. Passage to Independence, London:

Anthem Press, 2006.

Debates on Kosova have largely concentrated either on ideology and myth
construction, ignoring translations into practice; on geo-politics, missing
the deep implications for stability and security; or on policy, lacking a
conceptual understanding of both ideologies and processes. There is no book
that links these different fields in a persuasive manner. The Case for
Kosova fills this gap with intellectually challenging and politically
relevant debate.

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FOREWORD - Muhammedin Kullashi (Universitè de Paris VIII)

Introduction- Anna Di Lellio


1.Is Kosova a late creation of the Yugoslav state and should it be
considered the cradle of the Serb nation? Isa Blumi (Georgia State University)

2.Were Albanians always on the side of the Ottoman Empire against Christian
powers? Isa Blumi

3.Is it true that Albanians in Kosova are not Albanians, but descendants
from Albanized Serbs? Noel Malcolm (Oxford University)

4.Is the Muslim conversion of Albanians the main cause of the estrangement
between Slavs and Albanians? Noel Malcolm

5.Is it true that Albanians invaded Kosova? Alain Ducellier (Universitè de

6.Is it true that Albanians are responsible for an orchestrated campaign to
destroy Kosova’s cultural heritage in modern times? Andrew Herscher
(University of Michigan)

7.Have ethnic and religious animosities caused the destruction of the
artistic and cultural heritage of Kosova during the Ottoman period?
Malchien Kiel (Director of the Netherlands Historical and Archaeological
Institute in Istanbul (NHAI)

8.Was the Albanian opposition to the Serb Kingdom’s annexation in 1912
without justification? Ivo Banac (Yale University)

9.Is the complaint about the Serb state’s deportation policy of Albanians
between the two World Wars based on myth? Noel Malcolm

10.Is it true that Tito’s Yugoslav policies favored Albanians in Kosova?
Ivo Banac

11.Is it true that Albanians collaborated with Nazi Germany during WWII?
Bernd Fischer (Purdue University)

12.Did Albanians in Kosova breach their voluntary commitment to join
Yugoslavia in 1945? Owen Pearson.

13.Have Albanians been against a peaceful solution to the question of
Kosova’s autonomy? Howard Clark (Coventry University)

14.Have Albanian terrorism and separatism been the cause of the Yugoslav
state violence during the 1990s? Howard Clark

15.Was the KLA a criminal, terrorist and Islamist organization? Stacy
Sullivan (IWPR)

16.Is it true that there is no right of self-determination for Kosova? Paul
Williams (American University and PILPG) and Jennifer Ober (PILPG)

17.Was the 1999 NATO intervention an illegal war against the Former
Republic of Yugoslavia? Paul Williams and Catherine Croft (PILPG)

18.Is it true that the NATO bombing and the KLA were responsible for the
Albanian refugee crisis and that the number of Albanians killed during the
war has been grossly exaggerated? (Excerpts from AAAS/ABA-CEELI Report)

19.Were Albanians responsible for reverse ethnic cleansing after the
war? Vjosa Dobruna (President of the RTK Board)

20.Is it true that an independent Kosova will inevitably be a mono-ethnic
state, unless Serb communities and their territories become autonomous?
Albin Kurti (Self-Determination Movement)

21.Is it true that a human rights culture, respectful of minorities, is
impossible in Kosova? Julie Mertus (American University)

22.Would an independent Kosova be an Islamist state? Dom Lush Gjergj

23.Would Kosova survive economically as an independent state? Henry Perritt
(Chicago-Kent Law College)

24.Is it true that Kosova cannot govern itself and needs further
international tutelage, or conditional independence? Besnik Pula
(University of Michigan)

25.Is it true that Kosova is a clannish society still regulated by the
Kanun, or the customary law, and does not belong to the West? Besnik Pula

26.Is Greater Albania a threat? Paulin Kola (BBC)

27.Is it true that the independence of Kosova will destabilize the Balkans
and endanger the possibility of stabilizing other areas of the world, for
example Chechnya or Nagorno Karabach? Janusz Bugajski (Center for Strategic
and International Studies)

28. Is it true that decentralization is the key to security and stability
in Kosova?
Isa Blumi and Anna Di Lellio

Afterword, Ismail Kadare.

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