Sunday, December 10, 2006

Not another Bosnia?!

I hope they don't create another Bosnia in Kosovo. I mean whats the point?! The Bosnia system is not working. Kosovo has already had its 'international presence', UNMIK. I agree with EU being there, but not having powers to overrule elected officials. This will create frustration among the people, and provide local politicians with an excuse for evading accountability.

Kosovo follows risky path with plan to give EU sweeping powers

By Vesna Peric Zimonjic in Belgrade

Published: 11 December 2006

Kosovo is set to follow the path of Bosnia-Herzegovina in giving thebalance of power to international overseers enabling them to ignoreelected leaders, under draft UN plans seen by The Independent.

The European Union mission which is set to take over from the UN in thebreakaway province of Kosovo, will be given sweeping powers overlocally elected authorities in a scheme which strongly resembles thefruitless international effort in Bosnia.

The future of the province is subject to tense talks betweeninternational mediators, the Serbian government and representatives ofthe province's ethnic Albanian majority.

Kosovo's Albanian community - more than 90 percent of the province's2 million population - wants to establish an independent state, whileSerbia has insisted Kosovo remain part of its territory.

The US and Western powers expect the upcoming UN ruling to result inconditional independence for Kosovo, despite Serbia's objections.

Once that status is agreed the draft plan calls for theestablishment of an International Civil Representative (ICR), much likethat existing in Bosnia. They would then have the authority to annulKosovo government decisions as well as laws adopted by the localparliament and to replace officials whose policy is not in tune withthe demands of the EU.

Similar powers in Bosnia-Herzegovina have already created hugeresentment against the Office of the High Representative, particularlyamong Bosnian Serbs and Croats.

The office of the ICR will also overlook the work of Kosovo's police, judiciary, customs and penal institutions.

Besides Pristina, there will be two subordinated offices, one in thenorthern town of Mitrovica where most Kosovo Serbs live and another inthe Serbian capital of Belgrade.

Kosovo is currently run by a UN administration supplemented by anucleus of local democratic institutions. In effect, it ceased to bepart of Serbia in 1999, after 11 weeks of Nato air strikes prompted byBelgrade's violent oppression of the ethnic Albanians. Local leadershave insisted on independence since the Serbian surrender, but it isnot mentioned in this plan.

Instead the only describes what happens once the status is decided,through negotiations undertaken by the UN's Finnish special envoyMartti Ahtisaari. However, the plan, which was created under themandate provided by the EU security chief Javier Solana earlier thisyear, foresees the steps that will lead to the EU presence in Kosovo.

Once the status is clear, the office of ICR will take over from theUN administration. At the same time, Nato peacekeepers will remain inthe province, as well as the OSCE, much like in Bosnia.

International diplomatic sources in Belgrade say that the decisionon Kosovo's status is likely to be made in the first months of 2007.

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Anonymous said...

I have followed the insanity of what was done to the Serbs since 1991. I marched with Serbs during the illegal carpet bombing of Serbia. I am ashamed of my country for being the first to drop bombs on the great ally and friend that Serbia has been.

Hang in there Serbs! Yours is the good fight. You are a great people.

Here is a video about Kosovo I watched last week. It made me weep.

Anonymous said...

My apologies, the URL I posted was too long. This is the "tiny url" link

The name of the video is:
Title: Kosovo Serbia
By: Bato
time 4:14

It has been censored by Utube as adult content so you may have to sign up. It's wotrth the effort.

Anonymous said...

anonymous stop with spam, you are a Milosevicinist.

Anonymous said...

"you are a Milosevicinist."

Very funny, completely wrong, but funny. At least I am not an ostrich.

By the way, which side were the Albanians and the Croats on during WW1 and WW2? Some of us have not forgotten who our true friends are and who the real enemy is.

I am sure I am wasting your time right now. I'd guess you have some Jihading to do. So many heads to cut off, so many churches to burn, so many international laws to violate, so little time...

Well, at least you keep busy.

Anonymous said...

Mr Milosevicinist you are dreaming with your eyes open.

News from Serbia, b92:
A group of Skinheads assaulted two Israeli citizens in Belgrade last night, singing “Auschwitz” as they attacked them.


This is totally unacceptable

Anonymous said...

Do you mean skinheads, like the type loyal to Hitler and his memory? Are they from the Albanian and Croatian side? Given the history - I gotta figure...

Anonymous said...

Anynomous, they are Serbians. UNDERSTAND.

Serbs are one of the most anti- smetic people in Europe according to jewish organizations.

Anonymous said...

"Anynomous, they are Serbians. UNDERSTAND.

Serbs are one of the most anti- smetic people in Europe according to jewish organizations."

The way you argue, you could be Canadian. Whenever someone around here can't keep up in a conversation they inevitably try to change the subject so they can accuse the other person of anti-Semitism. That is entirely unrelated to the topic at hand seems to mean very little. Next of course comes the “you are a Nazi” accusation and blah blah blah, yada yada and so on and so forth. I usually fall asleep from sheer boredom at that point. Thank heaven for small mercies!

Please explain to me the behavior Izetbegovic and Franco Tudjman during the second world war.

Once again I will say, I remember who the Serbs fought with and against. A single isolated incident of a couple of stupid skinheads means nothing. I don’t know why you even brought it up. If you want examples of anti-semitism look at any school curriculum in most any Muslim nation – never mind what their leaders are suggesting.

As I recall, Iran strongly supports the Muslims of the former Yugoslavia. Maybe you could help me this, what is they want to do with Israel again? Oh wait, I remember – wipe it off the map! Real pro-Semites they are!

Anonymous said...

You have used a lot of time to write but I did not read it since you only write crap, yes CRAP.

You do not know anything about Balkans.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you really showed me! What a dufus.

You wrote:

"You do not know anything about Balkans".

And just what do you know? Go ahead; wow us all with your great wisdom. Like that will happen. Pathetic…

It must really SUCK to be barely literate.