Monday, December 11, 2006

Some absurd news, some realistic news, and some good news

Stars and Stripes
Serbian premier pleased with Russian stand against Kosovo's ...
International Herald Tribune - 5 hours ago
AP. BELGRADE, Serbia: Serbia will never give up Kosovo, the Serbian prime minister said Monday, expressing support for Russia's opposition to the breakaway province's possible independence.

Koštunica: We will never give up Kosovo
B92 - 2 hours ago
11 December 2006 | Source:B92, Beta, AP. "Albanians cannot have two countries" in Europe, prime minister Vojislav Koštunica said in a statement, which expressed his support for Russia's opposition to the province's possible independence.

Kosovo independence more likely
B92 - 8 hours ago
BELGRADE -- Serbian President Boris Tadić said that at this moment, Kosovo independence is a likely scenario. Tadić said that it is important to maintain unity in national politics regarding the integrity ...
Kosovo: FTA with Bosnia and Herzegovina implemented - 1 hour ago
Prishtina, 11 December 2006 - UNMIK Customs Service announced that the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina has started to be applied as of 1st December.
Kosovo tube factory privatized for €3.6 million - 1 hour ago
Prishtina, 11 December 2006 - Dailies report that the Tube Factory in Ferizaj was sold for €3.6 million. The investor committed to invest €13.2 million in the enterprise and hire 360 workers.

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Anonymous said...

It is very clear that the Albanian's desire for an independent Kosovo violates international law. No country in the world would tolerate such separatist action, so why should Serbia?

A Curious American

Anonymous said...

Curious American,

Starting your sentences with "it is very clear" makes them very weak from the start. If the legality is so clear, state it and let people judge it for themselves. Even then, only a select few of us will have the necessary training in international law to get it. It's too complicated.

B.t.w, since when do rhetorical questions count for curiosity? Unless you are a Serb.

Anonymous said...

To the curious Serbian.

Which interantional law?