Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kosovo readies for "inevitable" independence


Roma children play near a wall covered with graffiti, reading "Self-Determination," in the town of Prizren, 15 March 2007. UN chief mediator Martti Ahtisaari on Monday recommended independence for Kosovo as the only option for the breakaway Serbian province, an idea already fiercely opposed by Belgrade and Moscow.(AFP/File/Ermal Meta)

Kosovo readies for "inevitable" independence Open this result in new window

Reuters via Yahoo! News - Mar 28 2:20 AM

When Russia's ambassador to the United Nations cautioned this month against "preaching the inevitability" of independence for Kosovo, it barely registered in the breakaway Serbian province.

Kosovo's prime minister touts U.N. plan Open this result in new window - Mar 27 10:47 PM
PRISTINA, Serbia (AP) -- Kosovo's minority Serbs should accept a U.N. proposal to grant the province eventual independence from Serbia, Kosovo's prime minister said Tuesday.

EU: Financial Help Needed for Kosovo Open this result in new window
AP via Yahoo! Finance - 27 minutes ago

International grants of up to 1.5 billion euros may be required to help Kosovo in the first three years after the final status of the Serb province is determined, the European Union's enlargement commissioner said Wednesday.

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UPI - Mar 27 3:41 PM

Russia is calling for a complete review of how the situation in Serbia's province of Kosovo

has been handled, including a mission by U.N. Security Council ...

Moscow ponders independence plan for Kosovo Open this result in new window
The Washington Times - Mar 27 9:11 PM
Russia said yesterday that it was still considering a U.N. proposal giving de facto independence to the Serbian province of Kosovo, despite Serbian hopes that Moscow would veto the plan.

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