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MEPs demand supervised sovereignty for Kosovo


Serb and ethnic Albanian workers lift the coffin of a Serbian man exhumed from a cemetery in the western Kosovo town of Pec, for reburial in Serbia, March 29, 2007. TThe remains of hundreds of Serbs have been exhumed in Kosovo and reburied in Serbia in recent years as the Albanian majority territory pushes for independence. The U.N. Security Council is due to open debate on a plan for independence next week. REUTERS/Hazir Reka

Serbs dig up their dead in Kosovo Open this result in new window

Reuters via Yahoo! News - 45 minutes ago

The last time the dead left Kosovo in any great number it was 1999.

EU Parliament Backs UN Plan For Supervised Kosovo Sovereignty Open this result in new window

Nasdaq - 1 hour, 59 minutes ago

BRUSSELS (AP)--The European Parliament Thursday overwhelmingly backed a U.N. plan that would give Kosovo supervised independence from Serbia, and the European Union's foreign policy chief said the bloc's planned development project in the province "the most important E.U. mission in history."

Major powers stress shared need for peace in Kosovo Open this result in new window

Reuters via Yahoo! News - Mar 28 11:44 AM

The West and Russia on Wednesday reaffirmed a "shared sense of responsibility" for peace in Kosovo, Britain said, in response to warnings of unrest if Moscow blocks a U.N. plan to give the territory independence.

MEPs demand supervised sovereignty for Kosovo - 1 hour ago
Dutch green MEP Joost Lagendijk, who drafted the report, expressed his satisfaction over the fact that the European Parliament chose to send an unambiguous signal to EU capitals, while saying it is the "first step" to a "united Europe" over the Kosovo ...
The speech of Olli Rehn on future of Kosovo MRT online

Kosovo Catholics plan cathedral to honour Mother Teresa
Ecumenical News International - 35 minutes ago
The government of Kosovo has approved plans for a Roman Catholic cathedral in the territory's provincial capital, dedicated to the ethnic Albanian charity worker, Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Solana warns over EU failure in Kosovo
PRESS TV - 44 minutes ago
European Union top diplomat Javier Solana has urged EU member states to accept responsibility for Kosovo and Serbia, warning that a failure to stabilize the region would diminish the EU's capability.
EU preparing mission for Kosovo PRESS TV

Croatia: good progress towards accession but some issues remain
Budapest Business Journal - 6 hours ago
Nevertheless, the Foreign Affairs Committee exhorts Croatia to make further efforts on several fronts. It must first strengthen its capacity to implement Community environmental legislation.

US pledges to help Macedonia's membership in NATO
Makfax - 2 hours ago
Pentagon's representative qualified Macedonia as a "valuable partner in the international battle against terrorism", adding that the Macedonian troops are doing excellent job as part of the coalition forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Serbia holds Portugal to 1-1 draw
Covers - 19 hours ago
Serbia: Vladimir Stojkovic, Ivica Dragutinovic, Dusko Tosic (Danko Lazovic, 83), Nemanja Vidic, Mladen Krstajic, Nenad Kovacevic, Igor Duljaj, Dejan Stankovic (Marjan Markovic, 76), Bosko Jankovic (Ognjen Koroman, 68), Marko Pantelic, Milos Krasic.

Romania smashed Luxembourg in Euro 2008 qualifiers - 7 hours ago
Romania defeated Luxembourg 3-0 in the latest match of the Euro 2008 qualifiers, a victory which brings Romania to the lead of the Group G for a few hours before Holland defeated Slovenia on Wednesday night.

Team talk
Late goal gives Netherlands 1-0 win over Slovenia
Zee News - 10 hours ago
The visitors, with Edwin van der Sar back in goal after injury, dominated possession and created more chances then the host Slovenia. Wesley Sneijder, Dirk Kuyt and Arjen Robben all went close, while Wilford Bouma saw his effort come back off the ...
Lucky win for Holland against Slovenia
Late goal gives Netherlands 1-0 win in Slovenia Guardian Unlimited - International Herald Tribune - Soccerway
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Slovenia's communist past shadows its capitalist present
International Herald Tribune - 3 hours ago
Slovenia beat other East European countries into the euro partly by retaining elements of its communist past, shunning shock therapy and clinging to state control of banks and telecommunications companies.

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Anonymous said...

What?!? No, listed in the "blogs, news or other links"?

You wouldn't want anyone to assume you might have anti-Serb feeling, would you?


Bg anon said...

I dont know, this may be a minor gripe but many kids in the West are brought up with the 'Mother Teresa of Calcutta stuff'.

OK she did a lot of work in Calcutta but she is a Macedonian of Albanian ethnicity (formerly a Yugoslav) not an Indian as many people mistakenly think.

anonymous I dont think bytcci is anti Serb although he is pro Kosovo independence. And there is nothing decieving about this blog either - unlike another blog that is linked here which I made the mistake of clicking on (and it wont happen again) - Human rights in Kosovo. I dont have a (great) problem with those who have bigotted or one sided feelings.

What I do object to is people pretending something is about human rights when it is actually about nationalism.

Jeebus said...

Keep posting these articles. You are a great resource for those of us interested in that area. Great job!

bg anon: You are absolutely right, this is about nationalism, but it is about "human rights" as well. Kosovars want their own state but you have recall that the crie de coeur of the Albanian majority during the 1980's and earlier was "Kosova Republique" not the "vetevendosje" it currently is. It was only through Serbian intolerance and its assault upon the human rights, and lives, of its non-Serb citizens that we have arrived where we currently are. The independence of Kosovo is predicated upon the human rights its populace would assuredly lose if it was subsumed again within the Serbian state.

bytycci said...


I wouldn't put a link of Serbianna in my blog because I think they are racist and extremist. The aim of this blob is to curb the influence of extresmists and not to increase it. And, because there is no link to Serbianna here, it doesn;t mean that I am anti-Serb. I am just an anti-racist. There are a lot of extremist Albanian, Croatian, Macedonian etc. sites out there, and I don't link them either.

bg anon,
Mother Teresa's identity is intersting. She was actually an Ottoman citizen when she was born. Then here hometown Skopje/Shkup became part of Yugoslavia. And she spent most of her life in India. She has adressed this issue herself. She said, "by citizenship am Yugoslav, by blood I am Albanian." But it's important that she saw herself as a world citizen. Most importantly she saw herself as a Christian/Catholic.

Most people don't know her ethnicity, but I think enough people do.

You are right about the Human Rights in Kosovo blog being one-sided, but I don't know if it's nationalistic.

In this blog, I try to cover all the countries and most of the issues regarding the Balkans. Obviously, I post more stuff about Kosovo, because it is a hot issue right now, and because I am from Kosovo. I think it's impossible not to have a stance on Kosovo's status, so I support Kosovo independence for a long list of reasons. That doesn't mean I am anti-Serb or anti-this and that. (Obviously I am anti-Kosovo-being-part-of-Serbia :)).

My humanist morals don't allow me to hate anyone, and I care about the human rights of all the people.


thanks a lot for your words of encouragement. It's nice to know that people appreciate what I do. Keep coming back to our site and please comment.

All the best

bytycci said...

Just to add one more thing on this blog.

As you may have noticed, the description of this blog is also a kind of play with words.

"centered around Kosova/o" means that there will be a focus on Kosov@ here. And Kosov@ is kind of in the center of the peninsula geographically :)

Bg anon said...

jeebus the human rights of only one group cannot be considered 'human' rights. Because it isnt about humans as a whole it is about the rights of only one side. That is nationalism which is ok when not dressed up as something else.

bytycci dont be afraid to include a link to the Belgrade blog if you want! I'll see if I can return the favour with Viktor.

bytycci said...

hey bg anon
i posted a link to Belgrade 2.0