Thursday, May 03, 2007

New mass grave containing bodies of Kosovo Albanians found in Serbia
Serbia to check possible Kosovo mass grave site
Reuters AlertNet - 2 hours ago
BELGRADE, May 3 (Reuters) - Serbia plans to investigate a possible mass grave near Kosovo, believed to contain Albanian victims of the 1998-99 war and potentially fresh evidence of Serb atrocities as the province presses for independence.
Serbia To Check Possible Kosovo Mass Grave Site

Macedonia could unilaterally recognize Kosovo
B92 - 5 hours ago
Milososki was quoted as saying that if efforts to resolve the issue in the UN Security Council fail and influential members of NATO and EU start recognizing Kosovo, Macedonia should seriously consider such a move. Security expert Biljana Vankovska told ...
Macedonia Might Recognise Kosovo Independence Unilaterally BIRN

US will recognize Kosovo's independence even without UN resolution
Makfax - 2 hours ago
Daniel Serwer, director of the Balkans Initiative at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington, stated this, adding that regardless of the outcome of the UN Mission to Kosovo, USA and some other countries will urge for adoption of a new ...

Contact Group on Kosovo meets in London
Makfax - 9 hours ago
According to diplomatic sources, the participants will make a bid to bring closer the evidently discordant stands of some Western countries and Russia on the Ahtisaari's plan, which proposes supervised independence of Kosovo.

Greece opens a door to Balkans - 7 hours ago
ATHENS, Greece - Eyeing emerging market in the Balkans and neighboring nations, Greece is jockeying to become the development gateway to this vast, untapped market of over 146 million consumers.

Greek investments in the Balkans will gain 14 billion
Focus News - 7 hours ago
Greek investments in the Balkans will gain 14 billion Euro, the Greek newspaper Kerdos wrote today. It is expected until the end of 2007 investments of Greek companies in the west Balkan countries to be 3,5 billion Euro.

Albania rallies to cause of banned Gumball
Times Online - 8 hours ago
Albania, a country not known for flamboyant displays of wealth, has opened its borders - and Presidential Palace - to the Gumball Rally, a group of Western millionaires driving hugely expensive cars, that has banned from Germany and Turkey.

Bush to make historic visit to Albania Southeast European Times
Diplomatic Diary: US General Clark visits Albania Southeast European Times
Croatia to try two generals for war crimes in June
Reuters AlertNet - 4 hours ago
ZAGREB, May 3 (Reuters) - Croatia will open a major war crimes trial in June of two generals indicted for atrocities against rebel Serbs, in another test case of its readiness to deal with the recent past.

Bulgaria's Economy and Energy Minister Faces Prosecutors
Sofia News Agency - 1 hour ago
The minister said the whole case showed that the state system in Bulgaria was crumbling to pieces and that someone is using the power of one institution foe dirty games.

OSCE: More safety for journalists in Serbia
B92 - 2 hours ago
The OSCE also mentioned the unresolved murders in Serbia of three journalists as the cases that could "lead to self-censorship by journalists who fear the state is not able to protect them.
OSCE says journalists in Serbia need safer working environment International Herald Tribune

Romania's Constitutional Court approves proposal to reduce number ...
Pravda - 1 hour ago
Romania's Constitutional Court approved an opposition proposal to reduce the number of votes needed to impeach the president.
Romania's constitutional court eases presidential impeachment law Monsters and
Romanian Court Rejects Impeachment Law Challenge BIRN

Sofia Echo - 4 hours ago
Slovenia, Bulgaria and Poland agreed to discharge 80 per cent of Iraq’s debt, Iraqi finance minisrer Bayan Bakir Jabr said as quoted by Reuters news agency.

Turkey's democracy
International Herald Tribune - 2 hours ago
The long struggle between Turkey's generals - the self-appointed custodians of secularism - and the growing popularity of parties rooted in Islam has taken a dangerous turn.

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