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Milosevic’s “Final Solution” for Kosovo

Milosevic’s “Final Solution” for Kosovo

Naumann - who led NATO’s military committee during its air strikes on the former Yugoslavia in March 1999 - said when he met Milosevic on October 25, 1998, a meeting at which then NATO commander Wesley Clark was also present, he accepted the NATO ultimatum to withdraw Serbian police and military units from Kosovo and end human rights violations against Kosovo Albanians within 48 hours, or face air strikes on Yugoslavia.

Naumann said that Milosevic signed this agreement, but later, over a plum brandy, made a shocking remark, “He told us that he was determined to solve the problem in Kosovo in the spring of 1999. He said that Kosovo Albanians were murderers, rapists and bandits.”

The former Yugoslav leader then said that he would find a “final solution” for Kosovo in the spring of 1999, said Naumann.

Milosevic explained that he would use armed forces to solve the problem with Kosovo Albanians, in the same way as Drenica, a region in central Kosovo, was dealt with after the Second World War.

“When I asked Milosevic what happened in Drenica, he replied that they - apparently referring to 1946 clashes between Albanians and Tito’s partisans - gathered Albanians in one place and then killed them,” said Naumann.

Tadić: Radical and Socialist policy of lies unacceptable

“The policy of lies and make-believe is unacceptable, and Radicals and Socialists are today again lying to voters, just as they did while they were in power in the 1990s’, when they lied about defeating NATO and securing Kosovo and Metohija”, Boris Tadić said, campaigning for his Democratic Party (DS) in Vojvodina this weekend.

Ethnic Albanians demand release of US citizens outside U.S. Embassy in Montenegro

"The Montenegrin government has arrested and tortured my brother to the point where I could not recognize him," said Rok's sister, Katrina Dedvukaj, who also holds U.S. citizenship. "Montenegrin government has tried to falsely portray my brother as a terrorist."

Kosovo should Gain at Least “Conditional Independence
Focus News - 4 hours ago
Pristine/Belgrade. “It is important to negotiate at least conditional independence for Kosovo because independence is still a key word there,” Albanian Foreign Minister Besnik Mustafaj said after the meeting ...
Albanian Foreign Minister Defends Multiethnic KosovoFocus News

Why are we so hooked on conspiracies?

Meanwhile, diplomats worry that conspiracy theories can be far more dangerous than those who laugh at them believe. With gruesome timing, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran made their point for them last week when he convened a modern equivalent of a Nuremberg rally in Tehran at which Islamist clerics, Ku Klux Klanners and European Nazis insisted the Holocaust was a myth. They had a political purpose that clearly was worth combating. Today's far right needs to deny the Nazi concentration camps for the same reason today's far left needs to deny Serb concentration camps in Bosnia. For modern fascists or Serb nationalists, the images of Jews at Auschwitz or starving Bosnian Muslims behind barbed wire have to be dismissed as the forgeries of conspirators because the crimes they record are huge obstacles in the way of a revival of support for fascism or Serb nationalism.

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